Lariat Letter: Baylor needs more trash receptacles

Although Baylor has dipped its toe into many wonderful outlets that promote environmental sustainability, such as recycling bins for plastic and paper, there has become a lack of trash receptacles on campus.

This has become a problem not just for myself, but for many others primarily because many are not educated on items that qualify as recyclable. Food waste is one of the main issues in regards to this problem.

Many recycling companies refuse to treat products that still have remnants of food left on them. My point of concern is this: students all over campus with food they need to throw away are finding it extremely frustrating to find a place to put it.

Recycling has a beneficial and positive impact on the environment, but when there are only a few scattered receptacles to put waste in, there is a problem. Adding one or two to high-traffic areas (like Fountain Mall) would be great.

I want to be able to walk around campus hands free, not wasting time going from building to building trying to find a place for my trash.

— Hannah Lemieux
Denver freshman
Journalism major