Letter: Provide more options for required religion courses

I wish to provide some perspective from a Baylor student with regard to the subject of the religion courses required at Baylor. As I’m sure you are aware, Baylor University requires every student to take and complete two religion courses in order to receive a diploma from the university. These, along with the two required semesters of Chapel, are a staple in Baylor’s curriculum.

However, I and numerous other students feel that these courses are either not relevant enough for the university to require every student to partake in them or that Baylor does not offer enough alternatives to taking these two specific courses. While not completely voiding the religion courses, I would like to see more options for students when it comes to what religion or religions they would care to learn more about.

I feel like doing such would create less of a disinterest for the courses and make students excited to learn about such subjects.

— Weatherford sophomore Reid Blackwell

Communications major