Lariat Letter: Baylor welcomes transfers

I just wanted to take the time and comment on how pleased I am with Baylor and mostly the professors I have this semester. I transferred to Baylor this year and I honestly am so refreshed by my experiences with my professors so far.

Coming to a new university and basically starting over can be so intimidating, and I had so many nerves about how everything was going to go my first week.

I feel that all my professors genuinely want the best for me and take the time out of their schedules to accommodate me and any concerns I have. This may sound silly because that may be what is “expected” of them but at my old university I dealt with a lot of issues with professors not being in their designated office hours and a few other problems.

It is just a blessing to be at a university that treats like a person and not a number.

– Seguin junior Erica Conover
Marketing major