Votes counted, Edwards wins

Dominic Edwards
Dominic Edwards

By Allyssa Schoonover

After a competitive campaign season for student body elections, Arlington junior Dominic Edwards was elected student body president. He received 1,617 votes, 502 more votes than his opponent San Antonio sophomore Chase Hardy.

Katy sophomore Lawren Kinghorn was elected the new internal vice president, and Woodville sophomore Kristyn Miller was elected the new external vice president. Both candidates ran unopposed.

Edwards has served in a number of student government positions, including his current position as internal vice president for this school year. He said he is devoted to this position and has high aspirations for the coming year. He said his previous experience has prepared him to serve the student body and to be a voice for the students.

“I’m in disbelief,” Edwards said. “I’m humbled and I really felt that I was called to this position. I feel great about my [vice presidents].”

Edwards said his first action as Student Body President will be to meet with his other officers.
“It will take a team to get our goals accomplished,” Edwards said.

He said he is dedicated to what his campaign stated he would do throughout his term, which includes adding a Baylor in D.C. program, recruiting a commencement speaker and raising $100,000 in scholarships.

Edwards said he feels honored that he was selected to serve the student body, and says he will do his utmost to give the students what they want.

Farmers Branch senior Lexington Holt said he is the perfect candidate for the position. Holt is the exiting external vice president who worked alongside Edwards during his tenure as internal vice president.

“He will follow through with his promises,” Holt said.

Some of fellow student government members said they are confident in his ability.

“He’ll do a great job,” said Houston junior Will Jones. “He’s done a great job this year and we know that will continue.”

The new internal vice president said she feels prepared to tackle the new task in front of her.

“I have big shoes to fill, but I’m excited about what I have to bring to the table,” Kinghorn said.
Miller was excited to fill her new position as well.

“I feel really blessed and honored,” Miller said. “I’m really excited about the momentum I have for the next year.”