Peanuts to return after long absence

Charles Schulz’ comic-strip and cartoon characters will star in their own animated film scheduled to hit theaters Nov. 25, 2015.
Associated Press

By James Herd


It’s been a long time coming, Charlie Brown.

Yeah, you read that correctly. The Peanuts gang is coming back to the big screen in November 2015.

Just in time for the classic comic strip’s 65th anniversary, Charles’ Schultz’ son Craig Schultz and grandson Bryan are bringing the heart-warming family classic back to the American audience.

Produced, distributed and animated by Blue Sky Studios and Twentieth Century Fox and directed by Steve Martino, this marks a significant turning point in American entertainment.

But the only question I ask is this: Will it be a legitimate Peanuts film?

In my opinion, many remakes that have been made recently are sub-par to their original counterparts. But this not being an apparent remake, and more like a brand new film with familiar elements, the question stands.

According to CBS News, Craig Schultz only wishes to make this a proper remembrance of his father, Charles.

“We have been working on this project for years. We finally felt the time was right, and the technology is where we need it to be to create this film,” Schultz said. “I am thrilled we will be partnering with Blue Sky/Fox to create a ‘Peanuts’ movie that is true to the strip and will continue the legacy in honor of my father.”

The film is currently untitled, but I can only hope it will follow the trend of past Peanuts titles, something along the lines of “We’re on the Big Screen, Charlie Brown!”

As usual with reboots of popular series, this new theatrical movie will most likely improve the overall sales of the comic strip, as well as the holiday specials, which will introduce Peanuts to a whole new generation.

Of course, some are skeptical as to whether or not the film will live up to its predecessors.

With Peanuts being a major factor in the commercials for the life insurance company “MetLife,” some wonder how many references to the company can be made in one film.

I don’t think it’s an absolute necessity for the company to be involved whatsoever, but it’s entirely possible. That’s kind of like saying that a new Flintstones movie would absolutely have to have them eating Fruity Pebbles, or a new Simpsons movie having them eating Butterfingers.

Regardless, both young and old alike will be lining up to revisit the classic series that will garner many viewings during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons, and the idea of the blockhead Charlie Brown will not become lost among the successors of the classic cartoon era.