Editorial: Thanks, freshmen, for paying a wad for the rest of us

By Asher Freeman

Upperclassmen — juniors and seniors for you young whippersnappers — deserve to “live the good life” while ending their careers here at the good ol’ Baylor U.

In order to truly embrace the ignorant saying, “YOLO,” upperclassmen must be able to do as they please without the burdens of Baylor and its financial requirements.

Thankfully, a new wave of freshmen has come in to fill the void and care for them in their dotage.

It is your job — and patriotic duty — to pay money so that upperclassmen are able to do as they please. Need we remind you that Robert Griffin III was recently a senior before passing on into the real world. It is no accident that the classes of 2011- 2013 are called “the Greatest Baylor Generation”.

Upperclassmen paved the way for you freshmen, and you should count your blessings that you did not have to suffer the same hardships. It was not that long ago that there was no fountain in Fountain Mall, and the football team didn’t even have a Heisman.

Now, many freshmen are yammering about the extra fees afforded them. Some of you could pay up to $2500 for a dorm room.

Well, tough cookies.

When the upperclassmen were your age (back in twenty ought eight) there were fees too.

So the dorms are incredibly more expensive than most apartments you can find off campus. We lived there too. And now they don’t and their rents are lower and the campus is nicer because you pay so much.

You should enjoy your comfortable 13 foot by 12 foor living space with a roommate that you either enjoy or would love to push out your third floor window.

And you say you need to park on campus as well, and you don’t want to pay $300 for the privileges. Back in the day people walked in the snow — once or twice — fighting off bands of Aggies just to make it to Common Grounds.

But why would you need to leave campus to get food when there are cafeterias galore?

Charging around $8 for breakfast can seem fairly cheap for a guy at Penland who eats soft-serve ice cream with his waffles for breakfast or incredibly expensive for a girl at Collins who has a bowl of cereal and a banana. A honey butter chicken biscuit at Whataburger is $4, and much more delicious, by the way.That is the price we pay for variety though.

With all the money you save us, we don’t just run to George’s every time. Some people have to cook for their food. You think about that.

Think about the investments upperclassmen must make for their futures.

They have to ditch the Nike shorts and wear actual clothes.

They have to pay for haircuts and shoes that don’t have a Nike swoosh on them.

They have to pay to travel to interview at potential jobs for after we graduate.

Then, after spending so much time focused on their future, They have to grab some frozen yogurt because after an extremely stressful day.

You kids should see your Baylor bills as investing in your future, because one day freshmen will be doing the same as you.

And upperclassmen deserve an easy ride through their last few years here.

They faced the terrible football season of 2009.

They watched the NCAA suspend Perry Jones III and saw any chance the Bears had in the tournament evaporate.

They watched Gary Blair and his Texas A&M women’s basketball team shock our team and eventually win the national championship.

So, while you are playing with your food for Hunger Follies next Wednesday, upper classmen will be going out on dates — trying to make something of themselves.

You should be happy when today’s seniors were your age they didn’t have so many opportunities.

Ungrateful kids.