Civic Theatre holding ‘All Hallowed’ auditions

Auditions for “All Hallowed,” Waco Civic Theatre’s second show of their 2012-2013 season, will take place at the theatre this Sunday and Monday.

Directing the play will be George Boyd, and it is the first theatre that will perform the new play by Bill C. Davis.

The drama takes place during a Halloween Day funeral for a father, whose three adult children grapple with their inconsistencies about his death and each other.

But will family dynamic keep the youngest member, Justin, from his Halloween night trick-or-treating?

The cast breakdown is as follows:

Stephen: A handsome, smart, opinionated, caring, lonely man in his mid-40s.

Alex: An edgy, emotionally repressed loner— 50 years old.

Cindy: A mid-40s nervous, funny woman who is overwhelmed and trying to be a good mother.

Marie: A romantic, loving mother in her mid-70s with anger hidden just below the surface.

Dennis: A kind, saintly man in his mid-70s.

Justin: An observant, smart 10-year-old.

Travis: A troubled 14-year-old who resents his father.

Auditions can be made by appointment by contacting the theatre at 254-776-1591 from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. between now and Friday.