Opinion: Sing rewards all who put forth effort

By Molly Dunn

Sing is one of my favorite things to do with my sorority, Delta Delta Delta, and this year we were lucky enough to partner with Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Being able to work with such a great group of guys and incorporate both performing styles is something I will remember forever.

I am the president of my sorority this year and have loved watching how enthusiastic and excited my chapter was to work with ATO this year.

Although Tri Delta has normally done Sing by itself, being on stage with guys is a whole new experience. Their energy and dedication throughout practices, open stages and performances have been fun to be a part of. The members of ATO truly have a passion for Sing and are a group of hardworking men that I can safely say Tri Delta loved to work with this year.

Yes, partnering with another group can be difficult and frustrating at times (men and women definitely have different work habits), but I was impressed with the devotion and commitment from both groups. We all realized that there were major differences between our groups because let’s face it, God made men and women to be different.

Each practice we all strived to work harder and instead of competing with one another, our groups came together as one group, performing together and encouraging each other to improve each time we ran the act.

I loved being able to do different things in our act because we were working with another group. Learning the ATO move and teaching the guys our Tri Delta move was probably one of my favorite things we did just because it was so much fun to do something that was unique to ATO and then show our special move to someone else.

I have made so many memories this semester just from Sing. I looked forward to each practice because our Sing chairs were such an encouraging group and when they taught us each song and every move, we could all see the passion and love they had for this act. They cared so much for this act and wanted it to be performed to the best it could be and we all understood that; every time we perform the act for them, it brings me great joy to see them watch with huge smiles on their faces.

After each practice, we ended on a prayer that God would give us the strength and energy to perform to the best of our abilities for him. It was great that both groups shared this mindset, and I believe that this is one of the things that brought us even closer together.

Not only did we share a passion for Sing but a passion for letting God’s light shine through us as we perform.

Now the time has come to perform for an audience. It’s crazy that time has passed so quickly. It feels like just yesterday we were all gathered in the Tri Delta chapter room to find out our theme and begin practicing.

As crazy as it sounds, I will miss the hot and humid practices in the chapter room, seeing the Sing chairs smile uncontrollably as the act came together and being inspired to perform better and better from the outstanding energy and passion from ATO and Tri Delta. But now, it’s time for the competition to begin.