Lariat Letters: Senate bill would resurrect bad history

Reading about Daniel’s Cervera’s proposal to the Baylor Senate made me think back to all the advocacy and adverse actions that we Chicanos had to embrace in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s to force changes in the educational system in America so that Cervera and his family could enjoy a good education. Many doors were broken down for Cervera, and many sacrifices were made by thousands of individuals so that we descendents of Spanish and Indian decent with roots in Mexico and the southern Hemisphere could gain equality in America.

This parity was not shared with us willingly, and we had to demand it through adverse action that you are now trying to outlaw in an institution whose foundation is based on open discussion and freedom of expression. I do denounce the timing of Cervera’s proposal to eliminate freedom of speech after you attended a rally for the Dream Act whose purpose is to help your and my Hispanic relatives.

—Robert Aguilar
Class of ’69