Lariat Letters: Rope apologizes for article

It has come to the attention of the Noble NoZe Brotherhood that an article that ran in last month’s installment of the award-winning Rope was racially insensitive. This was not our intent, but regardless The Brotherhood would like to apologize to the Baylor community.

In particular, the article titled “Reggie Williams Gets Picked Up By Baylor” was intended to be a piece which centered around the coincidence of religion professor Dr. Reggie Williams having the same name as former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Reggie Williams.

Unfortunately, the distinction between the two subjects of the piece wasn’t very clear, and certain poor wording on our part gave way to the possible interpretation that the NoZe Brotherhood felt that Dr. Williams was hired solely because of his minority status.

The NoZe Brotherhood has a long history in supporting minority equality on campus and continues to take this stance. Having had a chance to talk with Dr. Williams and become more familiar with his interpretation of the article, the NoZe Brotherhood would like to formally apologize to him.

In addition, we would like to apologize to the religion department hiring committee for possibly insinuating that they would hire someone who was unqualified in an attempt to diversify the department. Having gotten to know Dr. Williams, perused his academic research and become familiar with his classroom environment, the NoZe Brotherhood feels that Dr. Williams is an invaluable asset to Baylor University and looks forward to the impact he will have here.

—Bro. Keyser NöZe
Official Spokesperson of the NoZe Brotherhood