Fashion gives Uproar event makeover

Cypress freshman Alexis German, first place in the Project Greenway fashion show, walks the makeshift stage in the Barfield Drawing Room Wednesday in front of an audience of Baylor students and sponsor judges.
Matt Hellman | Lariat Photographer

By Leigh Ann Henry

Uproar Records celebrated the release of its third annual compilation CD on Wednesday night with a twist.

Project Greenway is intended to become an annual event and is named for the green fashion show held during the Uproar Records concert. All the modeled outfits were constructed using recyclable materials, including old copies of the Lariat.

“One of the great things about this show is that it’s student-run, student-performed, student-designed,” said Smith Getterman, sustainability coordinator at Baylor and Project Greenway judge.

The event was held in the Barfield Drawing Room at the Bill Daniel Student Center. Eight teams participated in the contest and students came from different majors and focuses, not necessarily just fashion design.

Three mentors were available to aid the teams in the construction of the costume but not the design.

Teams were judged on innovation/resourcefulness, execution, wearability and use of recycled materials versus new materials.

The winning team, Greensleeves, created pants with a leather look, a shirt made of cups and a vest constructed of newspapers.

“Pants are really hard to make, especially out of that material, so it shows a lot of hard work on their part,” said Glenpool, Okla., junior and fashion design major Caitlin Reynolds, who served as one of the mentors.

The second-place team, 5 Fresh 9, constructed a dress in which the skirt portion was formed using origami cranes.

“The Asian crane was probably my favorite. There was so much detailing in her shoes, her hair, her hands; it was really well done,” Houston junior and Project Greenway mentor Ivonne Gonzalez said.

Third place was awarded to Ecooso.

Salon Evidence was one of four sponsors for this event. Tyler James, owner and head stylist at Salon Evidence, provided the hair styling and makeup for each of the models and also sat on the panel of five judges.

The judges panel also had representation from Uproar Records, the sustainability department, The Baylor Lariat and the fashion department.

“I’m looking for who makes the best use of recycled materials, but I’m also looking for a good look. Something that can realistically be worn,” Getterman said. “I’ve seen enough ‘Project Runway’ that I know what I’m talking about.”

All of the decorations were constructed by hand out of recyclable and reusable materials. To support the theme, the room was decorated with recyclables shaped into such objects as roses.

“I was really impressed with how hard people worked today. It was really exciting,” said Rockdale junior Lincoln Faulkner, who serves as Uproar Records co-vice president with Houston senior Laura Williams.

“No one has seen anything like this before and everything looks great,” Williams said.

There were hanging ornaments similar to a Chinese lantern constructed out of coffee filters, hanging wire sculptures, floral arrangements constructed out of folded newspapers and many other details.

Fort Worth junior Rachel Leitch was responsible for the design of the decorations, with the help of a few others.

“We worked probably a full day, close to 24 hours getting this done. … It was fun to make all the decorations; we used tons and tons and tons of newspaper,” Leitch said.

The night featured live music from Uproar’s recording artists: Emory sophomore Brin Beaver, Plano freshman Amy Boykin, David Dulcie and the RagTag Army, K.J. Doug Grate and Zoo Studio.

Beaver opened the show followed by Boykin and then Dulcie. K.J. Doug Grate provided live music for the fashion show and during the judges’ deliberation Zoo Studio took the stage.

“I think the night was kind of multi-engagement. There was a lot going on so it wasn’t just music,” said Houston junior Maddy Giering, who also serves as Beaver’s manager.

The compilation CD for this year was available at the show as well as the compilation CDs from the last two years.

Zoo Studio and David Dulcie and the RagTag Army both put out EPs this year that were available also.