Lariat Letters: Houston best pick for IVP

I am a senior who has been involved in student government for all four years of my time at Baylor. In my time as a SG member, I have worked with all three IVP candidates.

This being said, there is no question in my mind that Daniel Houston would make the best internal vice president that Baylor student government has.

For one, Daniel Houston is part of the reason that parking will be noticeably better in the future.

Next year, Baylor will introduce new options for parking decals. Students will have the choice of paying for parking in different areas of campus, for less. Full campus parking decals will still be available, or students can pay almost $100 less to park in the east campus garage. Houston wrote the parking legislation that passed through Senate calling for this system to be implemented.

Unless Senate is approached from a comprehensive manner, there are always important student issues that will fall through the cracks. We need someone at the helm who can steer Senate in the right direction.

Houston is a leader. He cares about student issues, and he looks at the big picture. He proposes a platform that requires accountability from senators.

In short, Daniel Houston will get things done.

Daniel Houston is the best — and, I believe, the only —choice for internal vice president. I encourage each of you to cast your vote for him on April 13 and 14.

— Katie Jo Baumgardner
Senior University Scholar,
Louisburg, KS