Financial aid fund makes progress

Initiative passes $20 million mark, aims for $100 million

By Sara Tirrito
Staff writer

Funds for the President’s Scholarship Initiative recently surpassed the $20 million level. The initiative was publicly announced in September and is slated for completion in May 2013.

President Ken Starr said the “enormous amount of enthusiasm based on the profound needs of our students, both here now and those destined to come,” enabled the funds to be raised so quickly.

He said the progress toward the goal was made possible by the generosity of many within the community.

“We have had very generous gifts but no transformational gifts, so it reflects a great outpouring of a large number of people,” Starr said. “So it’s very encouraging.”

Student body president and Houston senior Michael Wright said that with affordability being a key concern for students at Baylor, the support shown through donations to the initiative has been encouraging.

“Time and time again this year students have indicated that financial affordability is the No. 1 issue on campus, so it’s so encouraging to see that the Baylor family has rallied behind this to help our students financially,” Wright said. “I know we still have a lot of work to go to reach the $100 million goal, but this is very encouraging to see the momentum that we have moving toward that goal.”

Although Starr is also encouraged by the community’s response to the initiative so far, he said there is still a substantial amount of fundraising left to do.

“It’s very good, it’s very strong, but we have much more need,” Starr said. “So we’re really encouraging the entire Baylor family to come alongside this effort and let’s reach this $100 million goal as quickly as possible. If we can do it in less than three years, all the better, all the better for our students.”

The initiative was announced on Sept. 15 and is geared toward increasing funds for athletic, need-based, merit-based and out-of-classroom enrichment scholarships.

Donations to the initiative can be made through the university website at

Donations can also be mailed to One Bear Place #97050, Waco, Texas, 7798.