Point of View: Life’s little things

How laughter plays a role in enjoying everyday moments

By Carmen Galvan
Asst. city editor

It really is the little things in life that make the difference. It’s amazing how just a short chat and a food run with a good friend will brighten a day clouded by disappointing news.

Or how even the shortest of naps, considered a tease by many, refreshes the mind and brings back energy that seemed to have been sucked away by the mere presence of never-ending homework.

A hug and a kiss from a loved one – just because they want you to know they care – is always an encouragement. But probably the best little thing life offers is the laughter shared among close friends and family.

Inside jokes that can be referenced by one small word or look make everyone involved break into uncontrollable laughter, and that ridiculous but barely funny incident that somehow becomes the most hilarious part of the day always seems to make life that much more enjoyable.

I find it interesting how humor takes so many different guises. It can be dry, satirical, innocent, unintentional or very intentional; the list goes on. Yet each style or sense of humor matches a person’s personality to a T, and it serves to define a person’s individuality. Even the sound of laughter contributes to an individual’s unique personality, for better or worse.

I’m sure many of us have experienced the high-pitched, incessant laughter that manages to ring in your ears long after the source is gone. We even have different laughs that resonate in different situations, like that uncomfortable and uncontrollable laughter that involuntarily bursts from us when encountered with an awkward situation. Or the belly laugh – which is sometimes combined with inadvertent snorts – that sounds only when the most ridiculous of the ridiculous has happened. But despite the varying opinions and sounds of humor, the look of laughter is quite possibly the most heartwarming and rewarding experiences of everyday life.

Watching someone suddenly break into a smile from the surprise of a joke or the unexpected humor found in a situation is a priceless enjoyment that improves both the mood of the laughter instigator and the laughter recipient. Such enjoyment may even reach new heights when you are able to catch on in the fun of laughter with them. But the smile is the best part, as you are able to watch a person transform from a sad or everyday mood into one of pure happiness through just the sparkles that seem to magically appear in his or her eyes.

Laughter is a way of bonding between strangers, breaking a tense moment or relieving the tears that sometimes flow without any sign of stopping. In a way, it is a cure-all that – when used properly – helps remedy and even heal the worst in life, be it a broken heart, a broken friendship or a broken family.

Throughout my life I have been able to give laughter my own definition. It is an outward little thing that holds one of the greatest treasures given to mankind: a happy heart and a healthy life. And that makes every day worth living just a little bit more.

Carmen Galvan is a junior public relations major from Baytown and the assistant city editor from the Lariat.