Lariat Letters: Sexuality talk, ESPN GameDay attendance

SIF deserves a chance

During my years at Baylor I have seen several new student organizations emerge on campus, but unfortunately I have never seen an organization that focuses on issues concerning sexuality and gender issues.

By allowing the Sexuality Identity Forum, students who are interested in learning more about such issues can do so in a respectful environment. Whether for personal, academic, or professional reasons, every Baylor student will have the opportunity to be engaged in informal and peer-led discussions about issues such as hate crimes, suicide prevention among sexual minorities in college, homophobia and current political events that also concern sexuality and gender.

Since this organization would be neutral on political issues, and would not be an advocacy group in accordance with university policy. Every student regardless of sexuality, gender, race, creed or religion would be welcome to respectfully discuss their opinions on the above listed issues. Individual members would benefit from the non-classroom setting that would allow for more in-depth conversation among their peers.

College is a unique time to learn about oneself and to refine one’s beliefs. This group seeks to allow students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their fellow students by allowing a respectful place to talk about relevant issues that are not being discussed by any other student organization as a focal point.

Following the Christian mission of Baylor, this group would be and would allow students to embody the ideal of “loving thy neighbor” as Christ commands. This is the mission of the Sexual Identity Forum: to allow for neutral, respectful discourse among peers.

We are asking to be given the same chance that every other student group is given who submits a constitution to Student Activities. We have written a high standard for ourselves to not become an advocacy group and to not “hand out pamphlets” or any such thing. If in the future we break this mission, we will accept punishment from Student Activities, but unless that happens, we ask to be given a chance.

We do not want students to be denied this group because of a fear that something may happen in the future. Pre-emptive actions are not necessary in this case; we’re simply asking for a chance to prove ourselves.

-Samantha Jones
Alvarado senior

Stay for GameDay 2011

As many of you undoubtedly know, this Saturday marks a historic event on Baylor’s campus. ESPN’s College GameDay is coming to town for the first time in its history, and Baylor has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put a positive stamp on our great university.

This type of publicity is truly priceless, as only a handful of schools are ever afforded this opportunity. Not only is this event important for athletic success, but you would be surprised how much events like this impact the image of the entire university.

Having lived in different states since graduation, I can tell you definitively that Baylor, like many schools, is recognized first because of athletic notoriety. And you want that notoriety to be as positive as possible.

There are people reading this letter right now that do not understand the implications of poor attendance at this College GameDay event, and that are not planning on attending.

I urge you with as much passion as I can muster through this medium to please reconsider your spring break plans, and if at all possible, stay around for the extra day. If you are already coming, make sure you convince 10 friends to join you. Do not accept any excuses. Come to the Ferrell Center at 7 a.m. Saturday morning. Get a free T-shirt and breakfast taco. Get on national TV on ESPN. And stick around for the game against the University of Texas that night at 8 p.m., in what could be a make or break game for our team this season in trying to make it back to the NCAA tournament. Do that, and you have done your job for your university. Don’t do it, and you have failed your university for a few extra minutes of spring break. You don’t want that on your resume.

-Steve Brischke
Class of 2001

BU needs all in attendance Saturday

As you well know, ESPN College GameDay is coming to Waco this Saturday.

I know it’s the first day of spring break, but I wanted to encourage the Lariat to post an article every day about this event on Saturday. Baylor has the chance to showcase its athletic department and the university for three hours on ESPN/ESPNU. This could have the potential to be the greatest piece of free marketing nationally in season that Baylor could ever imagine and we have one shot at it Saturday morning. It doesn’t matter what our W/L record is, but what does matter is that we get everyone there who can possibly make it from students, alumni and in the Waco community.

It will be virtually impossible to make up the negative impression Baylor will receive if the stands are not full Saturday morning for College GameDay. I’m sure you are doing your part, but again I just wanted to encourage the Lariat to market this event and write articles each day about the importance of our students showing up Saturday morning.

– Bryan Gerard
Class of 2000