Lariat Letters: Incomplete Coverage

I am writing in regard to the recent article on Baylor’s Community Garden in the Jan. 19 edition of The Lariat.

Unfortunately, while the Graduate School was recognized in the program as one of the key supporters of the garden, the Lariat article failed to make any mention of the Graduate School’s involvement or to include the Graduate School’s representative in the picture accompanying the article.

The Graduate School is one of the key proponents of the Community Garden. The Graduate School’s approval for the use of the lot at Ninth and James provided a space for the Community Garden to become a reality rather than just a good idea. Moreover, graduate students will play an intimate role in the garden as five beds, fully 1/3 of the garden’s arable space, will be maintained by graduate students from the Browning Square Graduate Student Housing Community who will donate a portion of the food they grow to Campus Kitchen. The Graduate School is excited about its important role in the Baylor Community Garden and looks forward to its close collaboration with other campus groups and the larger Waco community as we all work together toward a successful, sustainable garden.

— John C. Moore
Doctoral candidate, English