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A Night of Sing and Dance

Sing Reviews

After months of practice and anticipation, the curtain opened Thursday night on the talent, creativity and determination of sorority and fraternity members in this year’s All-University Sing. On opening night, the stakes were high, but the entertainment lived up to its suspense in this display of Baylor tradition and culture. The performers kept their themes, songs and choreography a secret for months as they toiled away for a chance to wow the audience on Waco Hall Stage.

Photo by Liesje Powers

Kappa Sigma


“Lewis & Clark: The Corps of Discovery”

Kappa Sigma set the bar high as the first act of the night. Their interpretation of Westward Expansion was full of energy and patriotism with good vocals and choreography. While the energy seemed a little over-the-top at times, the audience was engaged throughout the act.

Kappa Alpha Theta


“Miss Spectacular”

In a number showcasing the story of a rivalry between two pageant contestants, Kappa Alpha Theta took a more musical approach to All-University Sing. The storyline kept the audience intrigued as contestants moved through the stages of the pageant amid vocally strong songs. The song choices were a bit disjointed but held together the storyline of the musical.

Phi Gamma Delta


“To Lands Beyond”

Phi Gamma Delta gave a Game of Thrones-inspired performance. However, their costumes looked more like medieval peasants rather than Vikings seeking battle and glory. While the beginning of their performance took time to get underway, they came into full sail toward the end.

Chi Omega


“Ice Ice Baby”

It’s a good thing the snow was fake in Chi Omega’s performance because they were on fire! The choreography was as fun to watch as it was well executed. The songs were catchy and delivered by talented vocalists and penguins alike while igloos, a mountain backdrop and foggy snow surrounded them. Complete with a twist ending that provided a positive outlook on global warming, the performance delivered hope and quality entertainment for the audience.

Sigma Chi


“Bear Bucks”

Sigma Chi’s suits were just as stiff as their choreography and facial expressions. However, their elaborate set design and vocals compensated for their mediocre dance moves. Their performance was not only an entertaining take on the acquisition of wealth, but also a  positive message that graduating seniors will take with them.

Sing Alliance


“Piece by Piece”

Building on creativity and childhood pastimes, Sing Alliance stacked up against Greek life in a Lego-themed number. The talent levels were inconsistent with some strong choreography and vocals mixed with some weaker performances. The group invoked comedy, tragedy and teamwork throughout the clever and colorful show.

Beta Theta Pi


“Raiders of the Lost Act”

The theatrics of Beta Theta Pi’s performance conveyed a comic and entertaining take on Indiana Jones. While the singing and dancing were not consistent, the detailed stage design was movie-like. Their props from the gold bear to the giant boulder kept the audience laughing throughout the performance.

Kappa Kappa Gamma


“Forever Young ”

Taking it back with retro songs, Kappa Kappa Gamma set the scene for a high school reunion. While the beginning dance moves were slow and unimpressive, they just highlighted the quicker and more complex choreography that took place after a major plot twist in the storyline. Classic song choices were paired with talented vocalists and old school class.

Kappa Chi Alpha


“How To Save a Life”

Kappa Chi Alpha gave a heartfelt performance with a refreshing message about hope. Despite, their inspiring message, their singing was inconsistent and their dancing out of sync. Their costumes also looked like they needed creative saving. The performance included a good deal of acting and centered around the storyline.

Pi Kappa Phi, Alpha Chi Omega


“The Art of Espionage”

The deathly duo of Pi Kappa Phi and Alpha Chi Omega joined forces for a spy adventure. Full of energy and adventure, a huge mob of spies danced around a complex stage design. While at times the performance was chaotic and disorganized, particularly during a cringe-worthy romance scene, the overall story and execution of theme was anything but top secret.

Pi Beta Phi


“Bonjour, Paris”

Although usually silent, the Pi Beta Phi mimes made their voices heard with their powerful singing. They danced with energy that matched the power of their vocals. While there were a couple of mishaps, these energetic mimes kept the show going.

Delta Tau Delta



Fireman tropes ran wild in Delta Tau Deltas performance. This act was full of comedic relief which showed they didn’t take themselves too seriously was a recipe for a good time. While the main event turned up the heat with dance moves consisting mostly of pulling on suspenders and flexing, the background was the real show. A firehouse dog, a cat in a tree and firetruck crashes were hilarious but often overshadowed by the dancing firemen.

Alpha Delta Pi


“Swan’s Shadow”

Alpha Delta Pi gave a modern spin on the classic Swan Lake. The moving props, intricate choreography and music selection kept the audience intrigued and entertained to see whether innocence or darkness won. The most eye-catching part of the performance was the unexpected costume change, which showed that ultimately darkness won.

Kappa Omega Tau


“Bein’ Green”

From ballads to rap, the diverse repertoire of Kappa Omega Tau was matched by its high energy. It was clear they were having a good time and, lucky for those leprechauns, their upbeat tone carried through the whole performance. The overly simplistic dance moves were masked by impressive stage design and incredible vocals.

Zeta Tau Alpha


“Can You Hear the Bells?”

Ring by spring was definitely in the air in Zeta Tau Alpha’s performance of a bride and a journey that took different twists and turns. The vocals were a heavenly performance fit for a wedding. The simple dancing of the bridesmaid did not upstage the bride’s powerful voice. Despite not having a groom, the bride found one just in time to say, “I do.”

Phi Kappa Chi


“Fool’s Gold”

In a dichotomy of high-energy chase scenes and a chilling a cappella finale, Phi Kappa Chi delivered on all accounts. Despite the rocky start with some cultural insensitivity, the end message that God is the true treasure combined with  incredible vocals made it a memorable performance. The integration of coordinated choreography and a relatable storyline was pure gold.

Delta Delta Delta


“Sister Suffragette”

Delta Delta Delta gave a powerful performance to an equally powerful message. They danced and sang through the journey of getting the right to vote. While the singing and dancing were impressive, the execution of the message left something to be desired.


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