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Monday, October 2, 2023

By Thomas Moran | Arts & Life Editor

It’s finally here! After months of hard work and countless hours in rehearsal, students took to the stage to perform their All-University Sing acts. The Lariat would like to congratulate each organization for their time and dedication to this cherished Baylor tradition. Now, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here are the Baylor Lariat 2019 All-University Sing reviews.

Kappa Sigma


“Finding Bigfoot”

The first weekend of Sing opened on a strong note with Kappa Sigma’s performance. The group’s costumes were fun, effective and in line with the theme of the show. Their song choice was awesome, and the “Kill the Beast” sequence was very dynamic. The biggest downfall of the group was the underdeveloped plotline. The resolution was a little too quick. Either way, the audience went wild when the short bigfoot ran out onto the stage. This was definitely one of the stronger all-male acts.

Sigma Chi


“Time Warp”

This act did a great job with a theme that some might find to be a little overdone. The costume design was clever, and the group did a great job at seamlessly transitioning between various decades throughout the act. I thought they did a great job of integrating Freddie Mercury into the scene and recreating the iconic Dirty Dancing lift. The foremost weakness of this group was the messy dancing. There were a few moments during which it felt as though the group was trying to burn time with watered down choreography. All in all, the show was entertaining and dynamic.

Kappa Chi Alpha


“Home Sweet Home”

This act was probably the most colorful and cohesive performance of the evening. I was originally a little worried that the Candyland theme might come across a little cheap, but I ended up being really impressed by their performance. The backdrop was really intricate and made the show feel all the more immersive. Their lead vocalists were pretty outstanding, and their song manipulation was some of the wittiest of the evening. This group is a very strong contender for Pigskin Revue.

Pi Beta Phi


“Tick Tock Cuckoo Clock”

When the curtain rose for this act, I was floored. The set and backdrop really looked like a zoom-in on wallpaper and a cuckoo clock. The theme, while not the strongest of the evening, was well-executed. One downside of the act was their costumes which felt very safe and closely resembled the costumes from group’s winning act two years ago, “Meet Me in Ze Alps.” However, the lead vocalists and choreography more than made up for the costumes. Despite having a huge number of women on the stage, the group’s lines were perfect and I didn’t see many missteps.

Kappa Alpha Theta


“Where Ewe Lead”

This group had one of the strongest plots of the evening. There was a very clear beginning, middle and end, matched with songs denoting the transitions. The Little Bo Peep theme was very fun. The costumes had great movement and stood out among the acts. The lead vocalists were strong, though at times they were drowned out by the ensemble. The choreography wasn’t the most challenging of the evening, but they managed to keep it looking sharp and orderly. This group has a great shot at making Pigskin.

Alpha Chi Omega


“Soap Opera”

Visually, Alpha Chi Omega’s performance was one of the most appealing of the night. The pastel tones of the set perfectly matched the outfits. The lead vocalists packed a huge punch. The ease with which they belted through some of the big notes was impressive to say the least. The group also had some of the most dynamic lighting of the evening. The choreography, while pretty complex, was a bit messy at times, and there were a few notable moments when the girls were running into one another. If they sharpen up their choreography, they have a great shot of making Pigskin.

Delta Delta Delta and Alpha Tau Omega


“Rockin’ New Year’s Eve”

I had really high expectations for this performance because, as many of the readers remember, last year’s performances of each were nothing short of iconic. Who can forget the choral intro of Tri Delta or the hilarious strollers and fanny packs of ATO. Although there was a clear plot, the theme felt a little lacking. The groups use of props was very clever, particularly the glow-in-the-dark repairmen. The choreography was pretty sharp and visually dynamic, despite having a huge number of people on stage.

Pi Kappa Phi


“Galactic Slam”

I had mixed feelings about this act. The costumes, consisting of simple basketball uniforms, were effective and in line with the theme of the act. The lead vocalist who sang Muse’s “Uprising” was outstanding, but the rest of the performance struggled musically. However, the group threw basketballs around the stage and didn’t drop a single one which I thought was really impressive.

Beta Theta Pi


“Jurassic Waco”

This was without a doubt the funniest act of the evening. Before anyone entered the stage, the audience was laughing at the hilarious backdrop which looked like it had been painted in a few hours. When the blow-up dinosaurs came on stage, the entire audience was dying laughing. But nothing was as funny as the dino band moment during which one of the dinosaurs began to deflate. I was in stitches. If it were all about humor, they’d have won Sing by a mile.

Delta Tau Delta



If you’re watch Delta Tau Delta’s performance for remarkable choreography or pristine vocals, you’re watching it for the wrong reason. Every year without fail, Delta Tau Delta makes me die laughing in my seat. You never know what’s going to happen next. Who’d have thought to use guys in blue morph suits as waves? Only the Delts. As always, it was hilarious to see them implement that baby doll in a random way. If I were judging strictly on entertainment value, I’d have given the act 6/5 stars.

Alpha Delta Pi


“Coming to You Live from ADPI”

I have to admit, a newscast theme wasn’t the most exciting them among the acts. However, I thought the women of ADPi found clever ways to make the theme engaging. The opening with “Good Morning Baltimore” from “Hairspray” set a great tone for the rest of the act. Their use of Rihanna’s “Shut Up and Drive” was impeccable. Hats off the vocalists of this act. The group’s props were effective and simple. The primary downfall of the group was their choreography. Although it was sharp, it was very simple and didn’t contribute much to the visual element of the performance.

Kappa Kappa Gamma


“Kappa Air”

This act was undoubtedly one of the strongest acts of the evening. When the curtain rose, I was a little underwhelmed by the simple backdrop featuring a plane and some clouds. However, as the act progressed and the turbulence sequence began, I was really impressed by their use of black light. The women on the sides of the stage were hilarious throughout the performance. The choreography was very sharp considering how many girls they had packed on stage.

Zeta Tau Alpha


“Livin’ La Vida Mocha”

Zeta’s performance had a very strong theme, which they executed very well. I would say the group had the strongest costumes of the night. The frappuccino costumes were absolutely hilarious, and I got a kick out of it when the group of “Stay Sees” came on stage with the Ting Tings’ “That’s Not My Name.” Their lead vocalists packed a punch. The only downside of the act was a little bit of clunky choreography. All in all, this act is a strong contender.

Sing Alliance



This group had a very strong theme and plot. The pop art makeup was some of the more dynamic makeup of the evening. The lead vocalists got better as the show progressed. Though the choreography was relatively simple, it was clean and sharp. The group engaged with the on-stage props in clever ways that didn’t take away from the choreography or the lead vocalists. This colorful act was definitely one of the more visually appealing acts of the night.

Chi Omega


“Can’t stop the bees”

I had high expectations for Chi Omega’s act after last year’s colorful tooth fairy theme, and they blew those expectations out of the water. The group came out with high energy, amazing lead vocals, top notch choreography and one of the best sets of the night. I was really impressed by the creative use of kazoos to mimic the sound of bees buzzing around. Their use of songs like ABBA’s hit song “Honey, Honey” really strengthened the theme. This group is a strong contender to place.

Phi Gamma Delta


“Phi Gam’s Island”

The opening number, the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song, of the act was probably the best part. It set the tone for the rest of the show. FIJI has a knack for hilarious uses of props. Who could forget last year’s foosball dummies? The sunburn sequence was also hilarious. Unfortunately, the choreography was pretty choppy and the vocals of the fraternity members were pretty subpar. However, the girls they had in the performance were outstanding vocalists.

Kappa Omega Tau


“The Night Before Christmas”

KOT’s backdrop was probably the best of the night. The group has a knack for putting funny twists on common stories and, in this case, the villainous Santa Clause was hilarious. Unfortunately, the song choices fell a little short of the theme, after Santa left stage in the early portion of the act, it wasn’t very eventful. To some extent, it felt as though the group was trying to recreate the same experience they offered audiences with their iconic leprechaun act a few years ago, but it missed the mark and felt like a recycled theme. As always, KOT’s choreography was the sharpest and most dynamic of all the fraternities.

Beta Upsilon Chi


“Batter Up!”

The act opened up with a beautiful rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner,” which set a high bar for the rest of the act. The majority of the act was lead by a singular vocalist who was absolutely amazing. The set was relatively simple, but cohesive with the costumes. Unfortunately, the choreography couldn’t keep up with his voice. It felt very slow at times and wasn’t the sharpest of the evening. Their use of baseball bats was pretty entertaining, and I wasn’t expecting the massive baseball cut out to fly across the stage. All in all, the performance lacked creativity compared to some of the other performances, but was redeemed by the lead vocalist.

Phi Kappa Chi


“The New Kid on the Block”

Certainly deserving of more than 2.5/5, this act was easily the strongest fraternity performance of the evening. The costumes were simple, fun and complementary to the theme. For the most part, the lead vocalists were talented, and the song choices were stellar. Some of the songs felt that they continued for a little too long. However, what made this act so strong was its theatricality and depth. Unlike many of the other acts, Phi Chi never fails to combine fast-paced fun with a thoughtful profundity. It’s also nice when an act concludes with an organic exit rather than a flashy curtain call.