Lily Davis elected student body president; other election results

Aurora, Colo., junior Lily Davis hopes to "champion a deep-seated sense of belonging" at Baylor in her year as student body president. She's one of many students who will be sworn into their respective offices on April 18. By Josh Siatkowski | Staff Writer
Results for the 2024-2025 Baylor student government elections are in after polls closed Wednesday night. Aurora, Colo., junior Lily Davis headlined the results, winning the race for student body president.

Davis, who is serving as external vice president this year, received 1,543 votes (61.5%) and was most closely followed by Aidon Butler, who had 930 votes (37.1%).

For Davis, the victory has left her feeling a combination of thankfulness and excitement for the future.

“There’s this dual feeling. First and foremost, gratitude. The second feeling is excitement — not just everyday excitement … but a deep-seated excitement and energy to really work hard and see progress be made,” Davis said.

That progress, Davis said, will be made through her work as an “advocate.”

“One of the most unrecognized functions of a student body president is to be an advocate. We hear the word advocate a lot, but we don’t recognize the weight behind it. To be an advocate is not to offhandedly talk about a student’s experience but passionately speak on behalf of those who you are not,” Davis said. “That’s something that I hope to do in every space I’m in, and I hope that the ramifications of it extend to every student on campus.”

Davis ultimately aims to “champion a deep sense of belonging” at Baylor and said she hopes improving this sense of belonging will be her lasting impact.

But before she can create her lasting impact, Davis has work to do. In the days before she’s officially sworn in on April 18, Davis will work on her first order of business: filling her executive cabinet.

Davis said she’s looking for cabinet members who are going to be “diligent and efficient, but also thoughtful.”

However, as she begins this search process, Davis is not the only one preparing to start a new job. Other executive officials, class senators and officers, and permanent officers were elected too. Here are those results.

External Vice President:

China Spring sophomore Mikey Condon was elected with 1,106 votes — 46.06% of all voters in the EVP race.

Hannah Pinney, Brandon Clarke and Caesar Ibanez finished behind Condon with 798, 340 and 130 votes, respectively.

Rockwell sophomore Jacob Limerick, the electoral marshal for student government, said via email that although Condon did not receive a majority of votes, there will not be a run-off, as a plurality of over 12 percentage points is sufficient for election in the Student Government Constitution. Condon’s victory by 12.82 percentage points over Pinney met this margin by 21 votes, according to Limerick.

Internal Vice President:

Pflugerville sophomore Landon Self was elected with 2,059 votes — 97.31% of all voters in the IVP race.

Class of 2024 Permanent Officers:

Current Student Body President Nick Madincea was elected class president with 308 votes. Collin Bass was elected treasurer with eight votes.

2024-2025 Senior Class Officers:

Grace Lent was elected class president with 601 votes. Joely English was elected vice president with six votes, and Taylor Chung was elected secretary/treasurer with four votes.

2024-2025 Senior Senators:

Aidon Butler, Hannah Brick, Will Donnell, Gracie Savage, Leslie Lynn, Aron Basurto, Will Smith, Gillian Guynes, Jackson Bush, Victoria Shellenberger, Genevieve Rabec and Gray Gillman.

2024-2025 Junior Senators:

Lily Dickinson, Caroline Hunt, Anika Thompson, Sam A. Palmer, Grace Steebergen, Ellie Kalcik, Cooper Cryier, Brett McNally, Austin Emery, Caesar Ibanez, Caleb S. Brown, Hamzah Syed and Lily Taylor.

2024-2025 Sophomore Senators:

Ashlyn Graves, Chandler Johnson, Hayden Head, Spencer Yim, Naomi Burgess, Mason Greogry, Tyler Anderson, Jacelyn Ebeling, Ellie DiTullio, London Tracey, Jeziah Cherian, Manha Asrar and Avi Vohra.