ACL: Festival fashion tips

Hallie Dancy shows how she incorporated her CamelBak water pack into her outfit at last year's ACL festival. Photo courtesy of Hallie Dancy Photo credit: Olivia Eiken

By Olivia Eiken | Staff Writer

Festival season is the Met Gala for young people, and Austin City Limits is no exception.

The struggle between finding something comfortable to wear and wanting to showcase the most elaborate outfit on Instagram is so real. Seasoned festival-goers have a general understanding of where that perfect compromise is and want to let others in.

Students who have previously gone to ACL provided their festival staples and something new they plan to incorporate this year.

1. (Comfortable) cowboy boots

Given that the festival is in Austin, cowboy boots are nothing out of the ordinary. They certainly hold their own both in everyday life and in festivals.

Caddo Mills junior Hallie Dancy said she probably won’t wear cowboy boots this year because she “just knows [her] feet are going to hurt just as bad as they did last year” and “it’s not worth the blisters in the end.”

In contrast, Irving junior Vennela Vattikuti said she is wearing cowboy boots regardless because they are “essential for the hippie, boho vibe I am going for.”

2. Knits galore

Knit and crochet tops have become increasingly popular through the years. They make perfect sense if you’re looking for a little more coverage but still want to look fashionable. Knit and crochet tops are also great because they are super breathable.

“I’m definitely wearing a lot of knit pieces, because I feel like that is super popular right now,” Dancy said. “I’m literally trying to look like a Pinterest board.”

3. CamelBak water packs

Mother nature doesn’t care that temperatures are supposed to be cool in October. In Texas, the sun is still strong, and the heat index is still high.

Though a cold front is coming for ACL weekend one, staying hydrated is the best way to keep the vibes up and ensure that you are able to attend all of your favorite shows through the day and the night sets.

4. Natural makeup

Your natural skin is beautiful and will keep you most comfortable. Nobody enjoys when their foundation is melting off of their face from sweat.

“Comfort above all else,” Vattikuti said. “It’s going to be a long and sweaty weekend if you don’t go with super light makeup.”

If you’re feeling creative, opt for natural skin and fun, graphic eyeliner or glitter. This way, you will still look the festival part while making sure your comfort is the top priority.

Olivia Eiken is a junior journalism and public relations major from Tiskilwa, IL, studying within the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core and minoring in civic interfaith studies. Outside of the classroom and extracurriculars, she enjoys playing a quick 9-hole round of golf when the weather is nice. After graduation, she plans on moving to Chicago to pursue a job in media writing or public affairs.