Family Weekend to facilitate reunions with worship, tailgate, more

A Baylor family posing with Bruiser during Family Weekend. Photo courtesy of Baylor University.

By Ashlyn Beck | Staff Writer

Family Weekend will feature a variety of attractions for all students on Friday and Saturday, including food trucks, local vendors and family worship. But for multiple-generation students, Family Weekend looks more like a reunion.

Denton sophomore Abigail Edwards said she is a sixth-generation student on her dad’s side and a fourth-generation student on her mom’s side. She said her grandparents, William and Mary Long, even received the Founders Medal.

“I’ve been growing up coming to everything Baylor-related my whole life,” Edwards said. “So it’s like I already knew Baylor really well, so it already felt like home, which was a really sweet thing. I’ve always known I wanted to go here … so coming here was just like a dream come true.”

According to the Family Weekend website, the event will include a meet-the-faculty lunch, tailgating before the football game and a Vertical family worship night.

“Family Weekend strives to help families of Baylor students become better acquainted with the university and its beloved traditions,” the website reads.

Edwards said her family comes down for almost every football game, so Family Weekend is just another reason for them to hang out on campus. She said she loves being able to compare stories of her time at Baylor with her family, as Family Weekend is a time to walk around and reminisce on their differing experiences.

“Just being able to share that with … all of my family that has come before is really cool,” Edwards said.

Fort Worth sophomore Elizabeth Cervantes said she loves seeing both her family and her friends’ families at Family Weekend and that it’s a time to build stronger bonds within the Baylor community.

“My entire family is coming down,” Cervantes said. “We’re going out to lunch and giving my sister a tour of the school.”

Edwards and Cervantes both said they enjoy getting to make their Baylor experience their own rather than just hearing stories from family members about their time at Baylor.

“Baylor has always been their thing, but now … I have friends here, I have community, my whole life is here,” Edwards said. “So I’m really excited for that and making it my own.”