StuGov to continue shuttle from Waco to DFW for breaks

Baylor students use the shuttle service provided by student government. Photo courtesy of Nick Madincea

By Madeline Condor | Staff Writer

The student government shuttle service, which launched last fall to provide safe and cost-efficient airport transportation, will continue to run through the 2023-2024 academic year. Trips are planned for major breaks, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring break.

The Woodlands senior and Student Body President Nick Madincea came up with the idea of the shuttle service as an integral part of his campaign for external vice president last year. The service began in fall 2022 and continued in the spring after a successful run. 

“It was everything we’d hope it’d be and more,” Madincea said. “Far too often, I think people forget about student government and all the good that student government can do, and the airport shuttle is the biggest thing we’ve done in 10 years.

Madincea said student government is looking forward to the future of the shuttle service in the next 10, 20 or 30 years. Members are lobbying Waco to “get additional flights out of the Waco airport” other than the few that fly to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Orange County, Calif., junior Ella Cork said she did not have a car on campus her freshman year and got to the airport with rides from friends or private drivers.

“[The shuttle service] sounds easier and cheaper than the ways I would get to the airport before,” Cork said. “I think I’d feel safer going through Baylor rather than another service because I would know it was reliable and safe being affiliated with Baylor.”

Madincea said it is “tremendously more convenient” for a student to use Baylor’s shuttle service as opposed to other options.

“You could take an Uber that is going to be fast and safe but not affordable, or you could take a Greyhound bus that’s going to be affordable and not safe but quick,” Madincea said.

Eugene, Ore., junior Lindsey Sargent said she wasn’t aware Baylor offered a shuttle service and thinks it is a good idea for those who don’t have cars.

“I saw it being useful if I didn’t have a car at school because I wouldn’t be able to get up to Dallas, but I probably wouldn’t use the shuttle service just because I have a car and I can leave more on my own terms,” Sargent said.

To get a ticket for Baylor’s shuttle service, visit the student government website. There are detailed instructions on ticket purchases as well as more information on ticket costs, delays, adverse circumstances and liabilities.

“[The shuttle has] really reinvigorated the Baylor community’s interest in student government and is proof that we can do so much good for the Baylor family,” Madincea said.