Flea market provides chance for students to hone business, interpersonal skills

Photo courtesy of Baylor CSSA

By Sarah Wang | Reporter

The Baylor Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA) will host a flea market on April 15 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Bill Daniel Student Center.

CSSA Flea Market provides an opportunity for students — especially fresh graduates — to sell their unused or unwanted items at a low price. Students are also encouraged to do equivalent exchange for their items.

“The initiative is to improve students’ awareness of thrifting and to exercise their interpersonal skills and logical financial management,” president of CSSA Meixi Tao said. “We want to let students experience personally how a market really functions, and it’s a great opportunity to cultivate students’ awareness of entrepreneurship and competitive market economy.”

Yue Luo, the overall manager for CSSA Flea Market, is anticipating a grand and exciting event.

“It’s a really cool opportunity to facilitate connection,” Luo said.

According to Tao, all Baylor students, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend the event. So far, Korean Students Association (KSA) has confirmed its attendance to the event, but CSSA is still waiting for the reply and final confirmation of more student organizations on campus to fill the market.

“Since we cooperate with other organizations, the market will be diversified,” Tao said. “Participants can learn about the culture and national characteristics of different countries. I’m sure this diversity will bring new experiences to customers and create memorable memories.”

Tao said there will be no regulation on the types of goods sold, and participants can expect a wide variety of goods in the market.

“There may be unexpected surprises,” Tao said.

Chenning Feng is an international student majoring in journalism. She learned about the event through CSSA’s activity and event website on their social media.

“I plan to sell some clothes and jewelry,” Feng said. “My friends suggested I attend, so I think it may be a good chance to sell the things which I can’t take with me in the future.”

Feng said she is eager to make her room more spacious and make some pocket money.

“Although the money is not as much, at least I can learn something about how to sell things,” Feng said.