Student Spotlight: freshman Chloe Brown steps into community leadership

Despite being a freshman, Chloe Brown is a community leader at Heritage House. Photo courtesy of Baylor Photo Database

By Rachel Chiang | Reporter

When students apply for a community leader (CL) position at Baylor, the process usually takes up to seven months, with multiple interviews and leadership courses to prepare them for the role. For Denton freshman Chloe Brown, the process only took a couple weeks.

Brown is spending the second semester of her first year in college as a CL at Heritage House, after being selected out of numerous other candidates looking to become CLs next fall.

North Village Residence Hall director Morgan Fletcher said that while mid-year hires for CL positions are common due to students dropping out, focusing on academics or transferring, among other reasons, these positions are usually given to upperclassmen. She said freshmen receiving the positions is less common, which makes those who do get hired special and unique for the role.

“Chloe just has a really great temperament,” Fletcher said. “Since I supervise her now, she’s very thoughtful about the things that she does. She’s very strong relationally. She cares very deeply about people. And she’s a social work major, and so that is evident in the things she’s choosing to study.”

Fletcher said Brown has been administratively strong and easily teachable.

“She’s doing a great job,” Fletcher said. “She’s handled the transition well. There’s a lot of expectations on freshmen who transition into authority positions like this. Chloe has such a special spirit about her, such a special energy in my conversations with her and the way she cares for residents. I’m just really impressed and really grateful for the work that she’s done.”

Fletcher said Brown has been able to integrate very well and overcome challenges such as being on-call. Fletcher also said she is proud of Brown, especially since she is a freshman and has handled life changes with poise.

Brown said she felt like God was calling her to be a CL, and although it has been an adjustment, she is grateful to be surrounded by other CLs who have more experience and can help her navigate the transition.

Brown also said she is excited to see friend groups that are forming or have already formed, as well as residents who are completely new to Baylor. She said she understands that her relationship with each of her residents may differ, and she just wants to be able to support each of them in any way she can.

“I’m just here just to be a resource for them and to love them and support them in whatever way that I can,” Brown said.“I just want to be there for them in whatever passage they might need. It’s been really wonderful to meet them, have them come to me, be able to assist them in any way that I can and just talk to them if they need a friend.”

Because some of her residents are upperclassmen and are usually more well-adjusted to life on campus, Brown said she focuses on being an extra person to lean on if they need it.

“The role that I play for them as a CL is a little different than the freshmen, especially the ones that are new to campus who are still trying to get plugged in and connected,” Brown said. “I’m just checking on them, making sure they are balancing everything well … They’re really sweet too.”

As Brown continues learning how to be a CL in the training class, she said it has been very insightful getting firsthand experience on her floor in addition to getting a new perspective from the class. She said she has enjoyed it and learned a lot from managing it alongside her other classes.

“I am taking some very demanding classes this semester that require a lot of time, and so finding the balance is definitely a weekly struggle, making sure that I’m not only fulfilling my academic role but also that I’m being a good CL and a good steward of my time,” Brown said. “It is something that definitely is not a skill one masters easily, but it’s really rewarding when I do find the balance.”

Brown spoke about how much being able to serve in this position means to her and how it felt to be chosen for such a unique opportunity.

“Honestly, I feel really seen and also I feel really undeserving of this position,” Brown said. “I’m incredibly flattered, and it’s really nice that someone sees the qualities in me, that they see leadership potential.”