Baylor students make the most of College Gameday expierence

By Pierson Luscy | Broadcast Reporter

In preparation for the top ten matchup between Baylor and Kansas, ESPN’s College Gameday returned to Waco for the first since 2020. Similar to the previous time, Bear Pit hosted and ran a lock-in at the Ferrell Center in order for students to make an appearance on one of ESPN’s most popular events. Doors opened at 9 pm that evening but some students started lining up hours beforehand.

Once inside the doors, students packed in the concourse of the arena and waited eagerly for the show to go live at 10 am. They got creative by bringing many different types of electronics, board games, and sleeping bags. The atmosphere was lively throughout the night and got even more intense as the clock got closer to the start of the show. One thing was for sure, the day would be one to remember for everyone who attended.