Intramural basketball takes over courts

Intramural sports are back in full swing this semester, basketball being a favorite for many. Photo courtesy of Haley McAveney

By Lauren Holcomb | Reporter

The start of the spring semester also means the beginning of a new season of intramural sports. Intramural basketball, one of the first sports up this semester, is all the rage right now.

Run by the Baylor Intramural Sports program, all intramural competitions are created at a recreational level, with teams ranging from beginner to advanced abilities. With the purchase of an intramural play pass, all students can join the fun.

Entering with a background in playing basketball, Santa Ana, Calif., freshman Haley McAveney immediately knew she wanted to play in intramurals. Returning to a team atmosphere while meeting new friends has been a highlight for her throughout the process, McAveney said.

“It’s such a fun atmosphere to show up to after a long day,” McAveney said. “Growing in relationships, whether team dinners before or celebrations after, is the most rewarding aspect so far.”

Teams are created through three leagues — the Greek League for sorority and fraternity members, the Residence Hall League created through Baylor’s on-campus living groups and the Open League, for players who want to play without association to other groups.

Houston freshman Sarah Chan played basketball in high school and has missed being on a team since starting at Baylor. Joining an intramural team has given her the opportunity to meet new girls in her sorority while also having fun.

“Our team dynamic is the best. We are competitive, yet we are supportive and silly all the time,” Chan said. “My teammates crack me up on the court, and it’s just a time filled with encouragement.”

Coming from a different background, San Antonio sophomore Olivia Bianco is a first-time basketball player. She also joined a team to meet new friends, and she loves playing for fun alongside her new teammates.

“My favorite part of being on an intramural team are my friends coming to support,” Bianco said. “They took so many funny videos of me playing basketball. I can’t wait to play more sports in the future.”

While the intramural basketball season may be short-lived, the bonds made by teammates last for much longer.

“My team has already talked about playing together for the next four years,” McAveney said. “Yes, it’s a nice break from school and a great way to be active, but even more so, the friendships I made wouldn’t be there without it, and I’m super grateful I signed up.”