MSW Preview Day to introduce prospective students to School of Social Work

Baylor University School of Social Work. Photo courtesy of Baylor University

By Jenna Fitzgerald | Copy Editor

The Diana R. Garland School of Social Work will hold its biannual MSW Preview Day from noon to 3:15 p.m. on Friday virtually.

Emily Corntassel, assistant director of admissions for the School of Social Work, said Preview Day is designed to give prospective students a look into what life as a master’s student is like, which helps them decide whether Baylor is the right place for them.

“It’s a time for you to really get a vibe for the program — is this a program that is going to meet my needs and help me reach my career goals?” Corntassel said. “We hope the answer to that is, ‘Yes,’ but we know that Preview Day is a great way for students to really get that full experience — what would it be like to be a student at Baylor?”

According to Baylor’s website, Preview Day will be split into three parts: field experience, admissions and financial aid FAQs and a current student panel.

“We try to include only what we think is most critical to students really being able to make a confident decision about where they belong,” Corntassel said. “I think what makes it successful is students coming with questions and coming inquisitive. We present the people and the resources for students to connect with, so if they come with their questions, that’s how they’re going to get the most out of this experience.”

According to Baylor’s website, the School of Social Work is marked by its integration of faith and practice, faculty mentorship and research opportunities, small classes and joint degree options. Houston MSW student Gabby White said that despite getting into both of the other MSW programs she applied to, she chose Baylor’s because of its culture of community, as well as its integration of faith and practice.

“Our faculty and staff really care about us,” White said. “They’re not just teaching for the sake of teaching. They’re teaching because they want us to learn. They’re teaching because they want us to be the greatest practitioners that we can be once we’re in the field. Also, just the community that you build within the cohort … everyone is just so friendly and just really excited about what they’re pursuing. The community environment is so welcoming to everyone.”

White, who didn’t attend Preview Day before starting her MSW education last fall but did attend other informational events, said she encourages prospective students to take advantage of Preview Day as an opportunity to gauge whether Baylor is the best fit for them.

“All of our faculty want you to be sure of that choice, so ask any questions that you might have, however small or big they might be, just so that you can have that confidence and know that this is the program that you should be going to,” White said.

Corntassel said she hopes prospective students leave Preview Day prepared and excited for the experience that lies ahead of them.

“I think what we always hope for Preview Day is that students walk away with clarity and excitement,” Corntassel said. “We try to be transparent in everything that we do, from admissions to financial aid to the student experience. We do that and we offer this Preview Day because we want students to feel confident in their decision. They have a lot of programs to choose from in the country; it’s always exciting when they consider Baylor as one of their top choices for the MSW program, so we hope that Preview Day helps students feel like, ‘This is where I see myself.’”