Healthcare is Hers organization aims to create diversity in medicine

Healthcare is Hers has given students in the Waco community an opportunity to have a mentor, with hopes of increasing diversity in the health care field. Photo courtesy of Healthcare is Hers

Mariah Bennett | Staff Writer

Healthcare is Hers is a mentorship group tailored to high school students. The organization, which currently has 45 active members, began in fall 2019 and was chartered over summer 2021. It aims to bring diversity not only into the health care industry but also into colleges in general.

Renee Megwa — Fort Worth senior, co-founder and president — said Healthcare is Hers exists to empower everyone in whichever major or career they pursue.

“We definitely have widened our goal,” Megwa said. “We’re still working toward getting women into the health care field, but also … we’re there to empower everyone to be in whatever major or career that they want.”

Shailyn Miller — Jackson, Miss., senior and vice president — said Healthcare is Hers fosters a student’s drive for service and love for their surrounding community.

“I know how hard it is in high school deciding the next steps … I am happy to help ease that worry while strengthening my connection to the Waco community,” Miller said.

Anahi Esquivel — Laredo senior and organization member — said her favorite part of Healthcare is Hers is working with children from the same background by connecting with those who are excited about their future and are engaged in the same endeavors.

Mentors can guide and help mentees with subjects like the SAT or ACT tests, essays, the FAFSA and overall planning. Megwa said mentors have even taught time management skills like using a planner and arranging their day.

“It’s just being a mentor for them — someone who’s closer in their age they can talk to and feel comfortable explaining their journey and where their headspace is at,” Megwa said.

Healthcare is Hers mainly works with Greater Waco Advanced Healthcare Academy, a collaboration between local hospitals, community partners and the Waco Independent School District for Waco area juniors and seniors who are interested in a career in the health care industry, according to the school’s website.

While mentorship is currently virtual, Megwa said that next semester, Healthcare is Hers hopes on having an in-person college and career fair for the mentees. Megwa also said that in the future, she hopes the organization can collaborate with student organizations like sororities, fraternities and the Medical Ethics Discussion Society.

“Mentors have truly felt that they’ve helped someone,” Megwa said. “That’s rewarding, just to know someone benefited off of something that you did.”