Man arrested for drug possession, assault after running from BUPD

On Nov. 2, Sebastian George Silea was arrested by BUPD for six charges after stalking a Baylor student on campus at the Baylor Sciences Building. Photo Illustration by Olivia Martin

By Matt Kyle | Staff Writer

A man was arrested by BUPD for six charges on Nov. 2 after stalking a Baylor student on campus.

The charges against Sebastian George Silea, 23, included assault, stalking, evading arrest and drug possession. Officers were called to the Baylor Sciences Building by Silea’s ex-girlfriend, a Baylor student, who reported he was sitting outside of the building and watching her.

According to the police report, the victim told dispatchers she was afraid of Silea due to a history of violence. Silea was previously issued a Criminal Trespass Warning by BUPD on Oct. 28 due to this history of violence.

When an officer arrived on the scene, Silea had gotten into a physical altercation with the victim’s father, who was attempting to remove Silea from the building. When the officer ordered Silea to turn around to place him into custody, he fled on foot toward Daughtrey Avenue and River Street, where he was apprehended after a chase.

Upon searching his person, officers found a small baggie containing Vyvanse and Adderall, the total weight of which was 5.8 grams.

The victim’s father was transported by ambulance to the hospital following the incident for injuries sustained during the altercation with Silea. According to the police report, there was “extreme swelling to his right calf muscle,” and he was reported to be in “extreme pain.”

BUPD Chief John Kolinek encouraged any student who believes themself to be a victim of any instance of dating violence to report it to BUPD.

“It’s not just stalking; it can be any incident related to domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence, anything like that,” Kolinek said. “We always would encourage, if a person feels like they are a victim of an offense, to report that to the Baylor University Police Department.”

Kolinek also said that if students do not feel comfortable reporting incidents to BUPD, he encourages them to reach out to Baylor’s Title IX office.

“I also understand that in some instances, our student population may not be ready to report an incident like that to the police department,” Kolinek said. “I would always encourage them — if there’s anything related to stalking, domestic violence, sexual violence, dating violence, stalking — I would encourage them to report that to Title IX. Title IX can offer all sorts of opportunities for counseling or direction for things that can assist them with that and help them move forward as well.”