Rollin’ n Bowlin’ makes its way to East Village

Rollin' n Bowlin' is a new addition to East Village, providing acai bowls, toasts, smoothies, and a full coffee bar for students. Grace Fortier | Photographer

By Tori Templet | Staff Writer

A new eatery, Rollin’ n Bowlin’, opened Monday at East Village to bring an additional healthy option to campus.

Rollin’ n Bowlin first started on the campus of Texas Christian University when co-founders Sophia Karbowski and Austin Patry realized there were not many healthy offerings within the Fort Worth area. It has found its new home on Baylor’s campus, in the East Village Dining Commons.

The menu consists of acai and pitaya bowls, smoothies and a variety of toasts along with a full coffee bar.

Patry said he and Karbowski realized most on-campus options were fairly generic and did not integrate the student culture.

“That’s something that we really wanted to do,” Patry said. “The student demographic at Baylor is super similar to TCU. We wanted to expand, and when we looked at what campuses we wanted to expand to, it felt like Baylor was the right match.”

Patry said Rollin’ n Bowlin’ can be set apart from other options on campus because there is an overall encompassing healthy lifestyle and positive mentality. Rollin’ n Bowlin’ encourages this mentality through its student entrepreneur program, brand ambassadors and spreading its vision with all the people who interact with the brand.

“This is our livelihood,” Patry said. “Any and all support from students on campus is so greatly appreciated, and I can’t tell you how much we care for the student population.”

As Patry prepared to open, he said he is most looking forward to meeting new students and integrating that student culture within Rollin’ n Bowlin’.

“We’ve recently started a brand ambassador program and already have about 20 students who have reached out to us wanting to participate,” Patry said. “Also, it’s just really exciting for us to come in as a new brand and for students to try it for the first time. We just want to make a positive impact on campus.”

Patry said there have been many long nights and mornings to make sure that everything could come together.

“The more we prepare ahead of time, the better the opening will be,” Patry said. “We are also lucky to have a full staff ready to go.”

Highland, Calif. sophomore Addison Cummings said as a new employee at Rollin’ n Bowlin’, she is looking forward to meeting new people and trying all the new food options.

“There really aren’t that many healthy places on campus to eat, so I was very excited to work somewhere that would also benefit my health,” Cummings said. “Plus, it’s a business started by former students, so they are super flexible and understanding with students’ schedules.”