SophoMORE September kicks off, but students have mixed emotions

After current sophomores miss many Baylor traditions, festivities are centered around them. Photo by Matt Ellett.

By Camille Cox | Staff Writer

After current sophomores missed out on countless traditions during their freshman year, Baylor created “SophoMORE September” in hopes of recreating those experiences.

During the month of September, sophomores have the opportunity to travel to Independence — the birthplace of Baylor — which is a tradition normally hosted during Line Camp. In addition to the day trip on Sept. 18, Baylor plans to host a “Family Weekend Dr. Pepper Hour” on Sept. 24, during which sophomores can enjoy the tradition with their families.

Baylor Student Life has created a website solely focused on “SophoMORE September.” A list of events and a description of Baylor’s motive for creating this plan are described on the website.

“While COVID-19 safety measures may have impacted your freshman year, you survived, and we want you to thrive at Baylor,” the Baylor Student Life website said.

Orange County, Calif., sophomore Megan Keefe said that while she thinks Baylor is doing the best it can, the month of celebration has some flaws.

“There are a lot of things and events that most of us aren’t going to want to do or have time to do,” Keefe said. “Most people just want the key experience of running the line, which a ton of us didn’t get to do.”

According to the Baylor Student Life website, the school anticipates creating a time for sophomores to run the line and order their jerseys if they have not done so. The details of the plan have not yet been released.

“Keep an eye out for a special time for sophomores to wear their Baylor Line jersey and run the line at a game this year,” the Baylor Student Life website said.

While the sophomore class did participate in Line Camp online, it missed the trip to Independence. Sophomores have the opportunity to pay and travel to the birthplace of Baylor with their classmates.

“The Independence trip on Sept. 18 would be cool to go on, but it’s eight hours on a Saturday when we have a football game,” Keefe said. “I think they should’ve made it a day when sophomores could skip class and have that be accessible to us, or do it on a Sunday.”

Orange County, Calif., sophomore Alex Robinson believes that Baylor is doing the best it can to celebrate sophomores.

“I think Baylor is doing as good a job as they possibly can to try to give us the opportunity to make up traditions we missed due to COVID-19,” Robinson said.