Senator Cornyn presents resolution to men’s basketball

Sen. John Cornyn met with university officials and the men's basketball team to congratulate them and present them with a commemorative resolution. Courtesy photo.

By Ava Dunwoody | Editor-in-Chief

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn III of Texas presented a resolution to Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew on May 3 at the Ferrell Center to congratulate the men’s basketball team on its national championship win. The resolution was presented and passed on the senate floor on April 12 and was framed as a gift to the university.

In addition to Drew, President Linda Livingstone and junior center Flo Thamba were in attendance for the presentation, where Thamba gave Cornyn a commemorative basketball. Before the exchange, Livingstone and Cornyn met in private to discuss Baylor’s federal needs and plans for the upcoming semester after the big win.

“The whole state was cheering for Baylor,” Cornyn said. “They really made us all very proud — just a great group of young men led by great coaches, so we were all celebrating.”

Cornyn said he is a big sports fan and played intramurals like wrestling and basketball while attending college at Trinity University in San Antonio. He said in his opinion, he has a top pick for who will be the best men’s basketball team in the upcoming season.

“Baylor, of course. It’s going to repeat,” Cornyn said.

In a press conference after the championship game, Coach Scott Drew outlined the struggles this year’s team went through playing during COVID-19.

“All year long, when games would get canceled, we really took it as a blessing when games were played,” Drew said. “And it was really easy to motivate because when you had three or four or five or six games canceled, you really want, for your players, you want to find games.”

Cornyn, too, addressed the pandemic and said he thinks everyone is ready to put the virus in the rearview mirror. He said in his conversation with Livingstone, he saw Baylor’s administration was doing a good job providing access to testing and vaccinations.

“I know everyone is eager to get to see each other in person and really have an authentic college experience,” Cornyn said. “You can’t do that sitting at home in front of your computer, although I think we have also learned that [for] some people, dependent on their circumstances, that may be a good supplement, but getting back in the classroom and being able to see your friends and classmates is a really important part of the college experience.”

After congratulating the players, coaches and Livingstone, Cornyn encouraged the Baylor family to keep the faith and push forward into the upcoming year.

In Drew’s press conference, he said the championship win was well earned. Cornyn’s resolution will now stand as a testament and reminder of that.

“When Baylor’s happy, when our students are happy, our fans, that’s what makes our players and our coaching staff so proud,” Drew said. “And, again, they’ve stuck with us, have been there through the lean years and they deserve this. Our school deserves this.”