FM72 to bring students together yet again with celebration event planned

FM72 will be returning to its normal home of fountain mall this year with its prayer tents to offer students a place of solitude to pray throughout the day. Cole Tompkins | Photographer

By Mallory Harris | Staff Writer

What started as an idea at breakfast three years ago between friends grew into an event that students now look forward to.

Hosted by Baptist Student Ministries, FM72 is planned for April 11-14 this semester with new venues and celebrations in order to abide by COVID-19 guidelines. Still relatively new to campus, FM72 is a time for students to come together and take part in worship and prayer.

While last year’s event was held virtually, this year the team is preparing for in-person worship and prayer tents.

Working with Baylor’s guidelines, Charles Ramsey, BSM’s director and FM72 founder, explained that worship will be held in McLane Stadium with the prayer tents remaining on Fountain Mall. With three prayer tents, Ramsey said they plan to follow all protocols by limiting the number of people coming in to each of the three prayer tents as well as social distancing.

“The prayer tents are never [meant to be] places of crowds. They’re kind of designed to be a place of silence and solitude,” Ramsey said. “Now, people outside and surrounding the tent, somebody could be playing music, there can be people doing a prayer walk, maybe a small group discussion. That’s kind of outside in the bigger Fountain Mall area.”

San Diego senior Bradley Mazon explained how in previous years he’s seen lives changed from FM72. Now sitting on the planning committee for the event, Mazon said it took 13 months to plan, but with such a large group on the committee, it’s not too difficult.

After last years’ online experience, Mazon explained that being more accessible to students allowed for the event to thrive in new ways.

“On the planning standpoint, it’s asked us to adapt and to learn how to meet the needs of our campus without the big shows and the lights and all that,” Mazon said. “And I think that truthfully at the root of what we need most is personal revival, not more events.”

Not only does FM72 strive to get students connected to prayer on campus, but the ultimate goal is for students to get tied to a local church, Ramsey said. The partnership between BSM and local churches is rooted in friendship and trust as they reach out for resources, support each other and cultivate an idea of “Team Jesus.”

“Our vision for BSM is to be a force multiplier, so we’re able to bring people together so that we can all be faithful to God and do more for the kingdom,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey said students can get their roommates or members of an organization to sign up for an hour and be a part of the celebration. As the event is planned for April 11-14, new updates concerning who will speaking and playing music can be found on the FM72 Instagram.

“I think a lot of us would say that it’s not about the tents. It’s not about the big microphones or amps and all that. It’s truthfully just a natural humility of prayer and of gathering in fellowship and worship,” Mazon said.