City of Waco does not plan to shut off water supply, urges water conservation

The City of Waco has confirmed they will not be shutting off the water supply, however encourages conservation over the next 48 hours. Sarah Pinkerton | Photographer

By Camille Rasor | News Editor

Despite rumors circulating Tuesday night, the City of Waco will not be shutting off the water supply according to a press release sent out by the city.

“There are rumors circulating on the internet and social media that the City of Waco is turning off the water supply. That is not true. These rumors are making the situation worse because they create fear and encourage citizens to use more water at a time when production supply is limited,” the press release said.

In order to keep water available without mandatory boil notices or shortages for firefighting purposes, the city is asking all residents to conserve water as best they can for the next 48 hours.

“The water supply is barely meeting demand now,” the release said. “Mandatory boil water notices may be needed if pressures continue to fall.”

Due to the extreme weather, only one of the city’s two water treatment plants is still operating.

“The effect of this is the city can only produce about 25% of its full water treatment capacity,” the statement said. “The City is taking every step possible to address this problem. However, to ensure there is water for everyone, the public’s help is needed.”

The city’s suggestions for conserving water are as follows:

“1. In lieu of a bath or shower, consider a sponge bath or basin bath.

2. Do not use washing machine for laundry or automated dish washer (hand wash only using limited water).

3. Do not drip all faucets in your home. To prevent lines from freezing, drip the faucet that is farthest from your meter, particularly lines located on an outside wall.

4. Do not store or hoard water by filling bathtubs or other large containers. If everyone does this, water pressure will fall resulting in the following consequences:

a. Mandatory boil water notices will be required (at a time when many citizens have no electricity with which to boil water)

b. Water for firefighting purposes will be threatened or, worse, unavailable.

5. Each day fill enough containers to provide (a) each person in your home 1 gallon of water for the next 24 hours, and (b) an additional gallon per day for cooking use.”