Alumnae find ways to stay involved in BU sorority life

Even in a virtual semester greek life alumna are still finding ways to stay connected to their newest sisters. Cole Tompkins | Photographer

By Matti Pennington | Reporter

The intent of a sorority is that the sisterhood goes beyond the time of an active member, and alumnae play a large role in continuing the traditions of their sorority.

Several Baylor alumnae have continued to stay involved with their sororities after college to remain connected with their chapter and to continue to support their sisterhood by helping in any way they can.

Nadine Welch is a clinical assistant professor at Baylor and a speech-language pathologist. On top of that, she helps out with the Beta Tau chapter of Delta Delta Delta.

“The relationship between the collegiate members and the alumnae members is designed to be that of mentoring, so ultimately, the collegiate members become independent and confident in their roles,” Welch said.

Welch pledged Tri Delta in 1984, her freshman year at Baylor, and has been closely working with the chapter since she became a professor in 2016.

“The alumnae serve in various roles in support of the chapter members and the fraternity’s purpose and ideals,” Welch said. “Some of the work is behind the scenes, such as planning for and providing lunches for the members, during recruitment and helping maintain the chapter room.”

Kappa Kappa Gamma alumna Aly Allen stays involved with the Epsilon Upsilon chapter by writing recommendation letters.

“I have been honored to be asked to write rec letters for several amazing young ladies,” Allen said. “It’s neat to be able to share my recommendations of who I think will make great additions to the Epsilon Upsilon chapter and even more special when we become sisters.”

Alumnae who work on campus can help by attending the university-sponsored events because student activities require a faculty sponsor to be present at each event.

Each sorority also has a group of alumnae who serve as chapter advisors. The job of the chapter advisor is to meet regularly with the chapter officers to offer support and guidance.

“Depending on their role, they may do things like review legal documents, attend chapter and committee meetings or help with calendar submissions and approvals,” Welch said.

To keep alumnae in the know, chapters have social media accounts and newsletters where they update what their chapter is up to.

“I love to read the newsletters and emails and be in the know with what’s going on with BU KKG,” Allen said.

Alumnae, having been in the shoes of the active members, offer guidance to the chapter as they navigate through all the academic, social, physical and spiritual aspects that come with being a college sorority member.

“The support of the alumnae is important for many reasons,” Welch said. “Since all alumnae have walked that same road, their experience and knowledge is often helpful.”