Freeze! Put on your mask

Tim Longoria | Broadcast Reporter

People donning neon green shirts and jackets can be seen all over Baylor University, and many students have had a number of posing questions about where these people came from and what purpose they serve.

Since well-known authorities can’t be everywhere at once, Baylor decided to implement some boots-on-the-ground observations. Reminding and encouraging Baylor students to wear their masks and follow the COVID-19 guidelines is their main job.

It hasn’t always been their task, though, as many of the “mask police” spend their year working as security for Baylor Athletics. Unfortunately, no large gatherings can take place due to uncontrollable circumstances, and that has left many staff members, who normally work those type of games, raising an eyebrow toward their next move.

As event staff reserves, these workers have been assigned to keep a watchful eye on each person walking throughout the beautiful Baylor campus. The mask staff has proven they are ready and willing to complete any task at hand.

One event staff member said, “We remind students to wear their masks and social distance, and so far, there have been no problems yet … none at all.”

Though it may not seem like the most glamorous job in the world, each staff member thoroughly exceeds expectations with a servant heart that is so common in all of the Baylor family.

Baylor faculty, students, alumni and future bears should be proud of Baylor’s efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus. With Dr. Livingstone’s leadership and the community’s cooperation, the look and feel of Baylor University will return to the way it was before.