Unshaken traditions mid-pandemic

Tim Longoria | Broadcast Reporter

COVID-19 restrictions continue to take a toll on everyone’s lives. It’s fairly difficult to have an enjoyable conversation when you can only see half of someone’s face from six feet away. But thanks to Baylor’s dedication to offer the classic student experience, the Bears on campus still have plenty to look forward too.

Dr. Pepper Hour is still hosted on Tuesday afternoons to give the Baylor family a positive break from the stressful outside world. Though it doesn’t look identical to what it did in the past, student optimism is still very high for one of Baylor’s oldest traditions.

Houston freshman Jackson Jarratt stated, “It’s not even about the Dr. Pepper for me; It’s the fact that we can still all (safely) gather together.”

This year, Dr. Pepper Hour has turned into a grab-and-go event where students can still see each other while waiting in line or walking outside with their treat.

“There are stickers on the ground set six feet apart,” Plano sophomore Nikki Widjaja said. “The students have to exit out through the sides of the building.”

The event staff has emphasized not gathering inside the building where Dr. Pepper Hour takes place. Each worker has been very respectful about informing the students and faculty of the safety guidelines.

Baylor students of all ages are excited for any event organized by Baylor University during this pandemic because it shows how much the school really does care about its family.

Hopefully, Dr. Pepper Hour continues to set a good example for carrying out classic events at Baylor.