Five movies to fill the void left by sports

By Braden Simmons | Reporter

As you continue to mourn the temporary loss of sports during the pandemic, fill your sports needs with a list of the top five sports movies to watch during the quarantine. These movies are diverse crossing multiple genres to fill all of your different sport needs.

5. “Coach Carter”

A head coach takes over at his alma mater to try and turn the program around. This movie reminds me of :Remember the Titans” except on the basketball court. Samuel L. Jackson masters his role as a dictator head coach who won’t allow any of the court drama to affect his team. This movie is also based on a real coach, Ken Carter, who locked out his Richmond High School team from practice until they improved their grades. This movie combines a win at all cost environment with a coach who values integrity and putting a stop to slacking.

4. “Miracle”

This movie showcases one of the greatest underdog stories in American history. The movie highlights the true story of the American hockey team in 1980 facing off against the vaunted Soviet Union in the winter Olympics. Kurt Russel played Herb Brooks and was inspiring to say the least offering one of the greatest speeches in sports movie history.

3. “Rocky”

Rocky movies are great sports movies because they centralize the ultimate underdog story. Centralized in Philadelphia, Rocky offers one of the best stories in sport and shows the triumph of coming from nothing to being one of the greatest. Starring Sylvester Stalone, Rocky has become a legendary series that is a great binge when you’re stuck quarantined inside.

2.The Blind Side”

My second favorite sports movie of all time is a feel-good story that showcases the true story of Michael Oher’s journey from high school football to the Baltimore Ravens. Based on a true story, this movie offers a ton of laughs while also reliving a slightly more dramatic story from Oher’s past. Another big catch for the movie is star cameos from Nick Saban, Ed Orgeron, Lou Holtz and Tommy Tubberville among the most notable.

1. “The Sandlot”

Coming in at number one, this lovable movie is about a group of kids that love baseball. The movie comes in at number one for me due to its comedic value as well as being an extremely relatable movie for me growing up. The movie centers around the group of kids having to figure out how to get a ball signed by Babe Ruth back after it is hit over the fence where the “beast” lives. The Sandlot’s “You’re killing me smalls!” is one of my favorite movie quotes of all time.

Hopefully, these movies will give you some needed sports content to get you through until baseball hopefully returns at the end of the summer. If you need other sports to watch the “All or Nothing” series offers behind the scenes access for a number of teams in the NFL as well as soccer or college football.