Housing, meal plans, and parking passes prorated for students

Baylor financial services announced Monday night students will be provided prorated credits for the time and money lost in on-campus resources toward housing, meal plans and parking passes. Tuition will not be refunded. Brittney Matthews | Multimedia Editor

By Vivian Roach | Staff Writer

Baylor financial services announced students will be provided prorated credits for the time and money lost in on-campus resources.

With students unable to utilize their on-campus housing, dining hall meals and parking passes, financial services said Monday night, “the university will provide prorated credits for housing, meal plans, and parking permits and will pay students receiving federal work-study. In certain circumstances, the credits provided may result in a reimbursement.”

Students who were not able to remain in their residence halls will receive credit for the housing room rates for the dates March 16 through May 12.

Meal plans will also be prorated through these dates by the daily rate of the plan. Remaining dining dollars will be credited to the student’s account in the next semester.

Any student who purchased an on-campus parking pass will be credited $100. Financial services said they will process credits for housing, meal plans, and parking by April 8.

In addition, students working federal work-study jobs will be provided a lump-sum payment “based on the average number of hours the student worked during the three pay periods before spring break,” financial services said. Payments will be processed by April 10.

However, tuition will not be refunded since each student is still enrolled and earning academic credit as classes continue online. But deposits for cancelled summer study abroad and international mission trips have been refunded.

Late financial settlement fees and registration holds for non-payment for the summer and fall semesters will also be eliminated. Students unable to pay the remaining bills for the spring semester may choose to roll these balances over to summer or fall payment plans.

For seniors who do not have an additional semester ahead of them, Lori Fogleman, assistant vice president of media and public relations said “any credits for seniors will result in a refund, after any outstanding balances have been cleared.”

At this time, President Linda A. Livingstone has also advised students in need to apply for an emergency award up to $1,000 per academic year. The awards will be given through the President’s Excellence Fund. Livingstone said, “these applications will be reviewed by our Office of Student Financial Aid, and awards will be made as quickly as possible in hopes of helping ease some financial burdens.”

Livingstone said that the President’s Excellence Fund is a way for individuals to support students in need by giving toward supporting those in the Baylor community affected by COVID-19.

More financial questions may be answered on Baylor’s COVID-19 information page.