New Mayborn Museum exhibit rekindles the past and looks forward to the future

BrenShavia Jordan | Broadcast Reporter

The Mayborn Museum complex opened a new exhibit Feb. 1 to highlight the history of Baylor over the past 175 years. The exhibit, called “Founding to Future: Bright Lights of Baylor University,” takes visitors on a journey through Baylor’s past, present and future.

The exhibit is structured by categories Arts & Athletics, Christian Mission, Innovation, Independence and Tradition. It features artifacts such as the Judge Baylor Collection, which includes furniture from Judge Baylor’s home. Visitors can also take a visual look through history with an interactive digital timeline.

Charlie Walter, the Director of the museum, shares why this exhibit is worth visiting.

“This is a new, permanent exhibit at the museum,” Walter said. “We expect it to be here at least ten years. What you will see though is things in these display cases that are artifacts that have been in our vaults for [30-50] years and haven’t seen the light of day. “

The exhibit is meant to capture an overall look at Baylor with a deep sense of mission going forward. The displays will be rotated throughout the years giving visitors new attractions to experience.

The displays currently have items such as Bruiser & Marigold, The University Mace and Baylor’s first homecoming football.

The exhibit aims to have a close connection with the university, making this a regular stop for Baylor students as well. It is open to the public and is free for all students who attend.

To learn more visit Mayborn Museum | Baylor University.