Saturdays are for the Bears: Super fan by choice

Travis “T-Rex” Carver holds up his signature “Saturdays are for the Bears” flag in support of Baylor men’s basketball Saturday during the Bears’ 78-70 win over Oklahoma State at the Ferrell Center. Brittney Matthews | Multimedia Journalist

By Braden Simmons | Reporter

If you are finding yourself in an argument with someone who believes they are Baylor University’s No. 1 fan, you should advise them they are fighting for second place.

Travis Carver, or better known to Baylor Nation as “T-Rex,” is an indisputable super fan of the university. On an average Saturday in Waco, you will undoubtedly see him decked out in green and gold creating a home-field advantage to one or multiple Baylor teams in the day.

Carver said his love for Baylor started young as he grew up in Waco around the university. Carver said it started from his dad putting a Baylor shirt on him and taking him to a game, and turned into being a “brainwashed fan” until he fell in love with Baylor.

“My dad grew up a Baylor fan, so he raised my brother and I the same way,” Carver said. “We have been season ticket holders for 30 years and grew up going to football, mostly, but then it grew to more.”

Continuing his passion for the university, Carvers’s love for Baylor athletics as well as his consistent presence as a fan didn’t stop when his work took him to Kansas City after graduating from McMurry Univeristy. Carver attended multiple Baylor games on the road at Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State.

Carver said he is never bothered by opposing crowds and a hostile environment while supporting the Bears.

“My brother and I walk in with our masks on and fans are yelling at us or talking trash,” Carver said. “I make it known from the start that for four quarters you will know I am here. The look on their faces feels like they have never had fans come in and act like they own the place, but it’s how we walk in there.”

Now residing in Texas once again, Carver said he enjoys being back in his home state and loves the opportunity to be closer to Waco to see games both at home and on the road.

Known to most for his leadership in bringing energy to the team and other fans, Carver said he hopes there can be more of a transformation at Baylor to bring an even better home-field advantage.

“It’s definitely been better than it was but I believe we truly don’t have a true home-field advantage,” Carver said. “I go to a lot of away games and see their fan sections. They can be bad that season and their school still has a passion for making it to games and being loud, and I hope at Baylor we can get each arena or stadium loud or rocking to help impact the game.”

Baylor men’s tennis head coach Brian Boland told the Lariat how much of an impact Carver has made with his support for Baylor.

“He supports all of the coaches and teams at Baylor Athletics and is the most positive, energetic and passionate fan I have ever seen,” Boland said. “He bleeds green and gold, and I know the coaches and student-athletes are grateful for his efforts.”

In 1986, Baylor started the Alumni by Choice program to highlight individuals that weren’t able to attend the university but still upheld values true to Baylor. In January, Carver was awarded as an honorary Alumni by Choice for his devotion and support of Baylor athletics.

“Receiving the alumni by choice decree was an amazing honor,” Carver said. “My dad received it years ago, so to follow in his footsteps as a supporter of Baylor along with my brother was great. My family has always been big supporters so to know that our support has been recognized just reinforces the love of Baylor that we have and always will.”