Baylor Beauties celebrates inspiring young women

By Igor Stepczynski | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor’s Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority hosted a beauty pageant Wednesday night called “Baylor Beauties” in the Barfield Drawing of the Student Union Building. The 69th Annual Charity Show consisted of 32 female Baylor students, eight from each classification, who were nominated by their peers to compete in hopes of becoming one of the final 12 Baylor Beauties.

The venue was packed with staff, students and family alike in support of the young women participating in the pageant. The contestants prepared for a casual walk, formal walk and interview question.

Behind the glamour, the $5 adult and $3 student admission proceeds go toward the philanthropy of the sorority’s choosing. Savannah Cone, the Kappa Kappa Gamma University Events chair said their philanthropy is Reading is Fundamental.

“We go to the local Parkdale Elementary School, and we read to them every Friday,” Cone said. “We have events for them where we bring them books and anything else the school needs.”

Although this event was called “Baylor Beauties,” there were more meaningful aspects of these young women than just beauty. Cone said that every contestant submitted a resume for the introduction and interview portion.

“Just to see what these full-time students have accomplished at their time at Baylor and to witness their talents is incredible and inspiring,” Cone said.

Inspiration is what this pageant was truly about. While it is fun to be recognized for being beautiful and to wear extravagant dresses, this pageant showed that it is important to be well-rounded and confident. Cone said she wanted the event to stick with both the contestants and girls in the audience.

“It’s just a way of instilling confidence and showing off what a Baylor woman can be,” Cone said.

Senior Maddie Brooks, contestant and finalist of Baylor Beauties, said she was lucky to have experienced such a fun and exciting Baylor tradition.

“I’m grateful for how the event encouraged and celebrated these successful women,” Brooks said.

To learn more about the sisterhood of Baylor Kappa Kappa Gamma, visit the sorority’s website.

To learn more about their philanthropy Reading is Fundamental, visit