Baylor Dance Company to host yearly showcase

Baylor Dance Company, BDC, plans to incorporate a variety of dance styles and uniquely choreographed pieces for their Spring Show this Saturday and Sunday. Photo courtesy of Sloane Guthrie

By Bridget Sjoberg | Staff Writer

Baylor Dance Company plans to incorporate a variety of dance styles and uniquely choreographed pieces for their Spring Show this Saturday and Sunday.

The event, which will be held at University High School, is $8 for students and $12 for general admission. The showcase will feature both professional and student choreography, an element that Centreville, Va., sophomore Jenna Frisby believes will make the show a unique experience for attendees.

“We have a variety of styles represented in our show like tap, jazz, hip hop and contemporary pieces,” Frisby said. “It is really cool that we have the opportunity to set choreography on our peers and the whole process is so special.”

Fredericksburg junior Sloane Guthrie also views the group’s variety and talent as elements that will make BDC’s performances unique this weekend.

“I’m most excited for showcase this weekend because of the variety that the show has — that’s definitely something that will make it stand out,” Guthrie said. “We have so many styles and so many skills to show off — this team just exudes talent. We’ve been working all year on a few pieces and some pieces are choreographed by our own members too, which is cool to watch because everyone’s choreography is so unique. We have put so much time and energy into these pieces and are excited for people to watch and enjoy.”

Guthrie said that the showcase has been a primary focus for BDC during spring semester, along with competitions that the group competes in. Despite the hard work required for the show, she believes that the effort is worth it and will allow for better performances.

“Spring semester is busy because it’s also competition season for us but we are working on show pieces for the majority of the spring,” Guthrie said. “This prep process has been a lot. Busy, exhausting, so much energy and time and so much on our bodies and brains but overall, so much fun—I know it will be rewarding once we put on our show on stage for family, friends and the Waco community to enjoy.”

BDC holds yearly auditions in August and is open for all grade levels and genders to participate in. Guthrie has been dancing since she was young and is grateful for the aspect of community she has found among members of BDC.

“This is my second year serving on BDC — I decided to audition because I have been dancing since I was four and wasn’t ready to let go of something I have such a passion for just yet,” Guthrie said. “Once I found out about BDC last year, I tried out, thankfully made the team and have loved every part of it. My favorite part is probably the community that we share as a group. We all become close — especially this year, we’re definitely a family and we all share a common love for dance and performance as well.”

This is Frisby’s second year being involved in BDC and one of her favorite parts about joining the group has been the leadership role she plays as an officer.

“I’m the internal communications officer, so I’m responsible for communicating all of the information to the team, as well as holding all of the costume and attendance records,” Frisby said. “Being an officer has allowed me to strengthen my leadership abilities, as well as form strong connections and friendships with everyone on the team. I feel so lucky that I still have the opportunity to dance in college — it is something I dedicated so much time to throughout my life.”

Along with the Spring Show this weekend, BDC dances for two miles in the annual Homecoming parade during the fall and competes at nationals each spring. They also danced at 254 Dance Festival in Waco this year and practice twice a week for several hours.

Saturday’s show will be held at 5 p.m. and Sunday’s will be at 2 p.m. More information can be accessed through the group’s Instagram account @baylordancecompany or on their website.