Baylor Men’s Choir performs at Chapel

Baylor Men's Choir brings the heat in Baylor Chapel on Wednesday Photo credit: Josh Aguirre

By Alexandra Donnel | Reporter

The Baylor Men’s Choir has been a part of Baylor life since it began in 1895 as the Baylor Men’s Glee Club. The Choir has over 100 young men with different majors, backgrounds and life experiences, united with a passion for singing and providing Baylor with musical excellence. The Choir performs for the local community and they have gone to prisons, elementary schools, as well as on campus events. The Choir performed at Baylor Chapel on Wednesday singing a variety of music including a parody of All About That Bass, African music and songs from The Greatest Showman.

The Baylor Men’s Choir was founded during a time where America was still recovering from the aftermath of the Civil War and young men were affected heavily by the war. Henry L. Hargrove, a Baylor English professor, wanted to help the young men who he saw dealing with emotional hardships, and the Baylor Men’s Glee Club was created.

During their performance at Chapel, the current president of the Choir Andrew Eshbaugh told students about opportunities to join the group. He announced the Baylor Men’s Choir is holding auditions Thursday and Friday this week in Waco Hall room 322 from 3 to 5 p.m.. Eshbaugh said the choir is a class that meets on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.. To join, Eshbaugh said you must be able to sing, have the meeting time slot free and you must be male, but he assured female students that they could join the Baylor Women’s Choir if they are interested.

Waco sophomore and church music major Matthew Sumrall is a member of the Baylor Men’s Choir and grew up listening to the group. Sumrall joined the Baylor Men’s Choir because of the good Christian community with great men from all over the world.

Sumrall said he enjoys that the Choir gives him the ability to show vulnerability.

“While men can look intimidating, we also have a soft side. Being a part of this choir helps us connect more in understanding and discipleship to those who struggle with life in general,” Sumrall said.

Sumrall said every time he has listened to the Baylor Men’s Choir perform and when he sings with them provides him with special memories.

“Every moment has been a spiritual awakening in some form, whether it’s serious or silly, or just overall fun. I’m proud to be a part of Baylor Men’s Choir, and I’m thankful for all the moments with my brothers in Christ,” Sumrall said.

Houston freshman Lanie Holloman said she enjoyed the Chapel.

“I thought chapel today was awesome. I loved how they had traditional music, but then transitioned into fun, upbeat, popular songs. It was so fun to see guys on campus sing worship choral music, but also act goofy,” Holloman said.