Seniors search for jobs with help from Career and Professional Development

By Julia Lawrenz | Broadcast Reporter

Graduation is less than two months away and the Career and Professional Development office is on campus to help Baylor students find jobs and internships.

Shelby Cefaratti, marketing and graphic design specialist for CPD, said there’s still plenty of time to find a job students will love.

“We want to empower students to feel confident that when they graduate they are going to get a job, and a job they are passionate about,” Cefaratti said.

Cefaratti said CPD stresses three main resources that all Baylor students can take advantage of.

The first resource is Handshake. Handshake is a platform that employers can connect with Baylor students and alumni to find potential jobs and internships. It is an easy to use website designed for Baylor students and alumni only. Not only can students look for potential jobs, but they can also schedule appointments with the CPD and find current career fairs and ask the Baylor community questions.

Another resource is Job Scan. This is a website that can scan your resume and score it, then provide feedback to make it look as appealing as possible to job recruiters.

The last main resource is Career Shift. This website is similar to Handshake, but it allows students to search for different jobs and internships across the U.S.

Denver senior Ryan Paxton said the CPD office has been instrumental in his job hunt after college.

“They have defiantly helped me prepare for the interview search, they have kind of helped me conduct a more efficient process within the interview,” Paxton said. “They have helped me organize my resume more and they have defiantly helped with career fairs and just kind of getting introduced to the corporate and business world.”

CPD is currently reaching out to seniors individually through surveys to check in on the status of the job search and their plans after graduation. If a senior replies to a survey saying that they do not have a job ready for them after graduation, CPD advises them to come into the office and utilize their services.