Business Student Creates ‘Yash & Company’ Podcast

Madison, Ala. senior Yasanka Chalasani talks during one of his podcasts. Branson Hardcastle | Multimedia Journalist

By Greta Gould | Reporter

Learning from professionals who have accomplished great things in their post-graduation life is what inspired Madison, Ala, senior Yasanka Chalasani to create his podcast “Yash & Company”.

Chalasani is a pre-med, Baylor Business Fellow majoring in finance. He is also one of six senior students in Baylor 2 Baylor Medical Track Program, which allows students to attend Baylor for four years and then move on to Baylor College of Medicine for another four years on provisional acceptance.

Chalasani has served as vice president of Baylor Ambassadors, co-chaired the American Enterprise Institute’s Executive Council and is an associate for the Baylor Angel Network.

“One thing I really cherish is learning from people,” Chalasani said. “If people have done what you want to do, why not learn from them?”

Due to his positions in these organizations and the work he has done for and outside of school, Chalasani has been able to speak with professionals who range in age, experience and career fields. Through these contacts, he has been given the opportunity to learn from them and apply what he has learned to his life.

“There is a big dichotomy between the advice I’d hear from 40-to-50-year-olds and what I’d hear from 20-to-30 -year olds,” Chalasani said. “I just realized that there is much more of a personal connection with the 20 and 30 year olds, because they have literally been in your shoes a few years ago. I really made an intention, as a senior, to have more of those conversations.”

This thought process sparked the idea for a podcast as a way to share the information he was gathering from these people, he said.

“I wanted to share these conversations but also inspire people through it,” Chalasani said.

Chalasani has been able to apply everything that he has learned during his time in the business school in order to start up the “Yash & Company” podcast, market it and treat it as a small business. With podcasts being as popular as they are in our current society, Chalasani has been strategically planning and marketing “Yash & Company” so that it stands out from others, he said.

“What makes my podcast unique is that you’re learning from young adults,” Chalasani said.

Chalasani has already released five episodes of his podcast where he speaks to people such as Travis Whitfill, the co-founder of Azitra who was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30, former Congressman Alan Steelman and Swapna Kakani, a professional keynote speaker.

“Yash & Company” has already reached 1,000 downloads within the first month and has continued to grow with each episode released, Chalasani said.

Mansfield senior Grant Wilkie has worked alongside Chalasani throughout their four years at Baylor.

“Yasanka is somebody who sets goals of growth and doesn’t stop until he achieves it,” Wilkie said. “I have no doubt that his podcast is going to find success, because his ability to develop programs ensures it.”

Chalasani plans to continue creating episodes for “Yash & Company” throughout medical school despite the busy schedule.

“That’s one of those things that I had to be intentional about, because anyone can create a podcast but not everyone can keep it up,” Chalasani said. “I want this to be an inspiration for others, but also for me.”

Check out “Yash & Company” on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.