New sexual assault lawsuit filed against Baylor

Baylor faces new allegations as a sexual assault case was filed today in McLennan County. Claire Boston | Multimedia Journalist

A former member of the Baylor equestrian team filed a federal civil lawsuit on Wednesday against Baylor University on claims her sexual assault investigation was not handled properly.

The plaintiff, who the lawsuit calls Jane Doe, was a freshman at Baylor during the 2017-18 school year. She claims she was assaulted by two Baylor football players on Nov. 11, 2017. She claims a third football player filmed the assault and shared it with a freshman football Snapchat group and others.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Dallas-based lawyer Julie E. Heath, wrote in the lawsuit Baylor’s actions violated federal Title IX laws. It also says Baylor allowed the football players to attend tutoring sessions and the athletic dining facility at the same time as the victim despite a “No Contact Order” that was implemented. She claims Baylor refused her request to adjust the football player’s schedules, but instead adjusted hers. The plaintiff wants a jury trial and financial compensation including relocation costs, medical expenses, additional education expenses, and for intense emotional pain and undue stress.

Baylor said in a statement to the Lariat that this is a complex case and contrary to the allegations in the complaint, Baylor’s Title IX policies and procedures were followed in how the incident was handled. Baylor’s investigation involved three complainants, four respondents, and multiple allegations by each of the three complainants against each of the respondents. More than 30 individuals were interviewed as part of the University’s investigation process, according to school officials.

“Nothing is more important at Baylor University than providing a safe and caring community for our students,” the statement says. “The University works tirelessly not only to respond to allegations of assault, but to prevent such incidents from occurring in the first place.”