Baylor gives back during spring break through mission work

By Emma Whitt | Broadcast Reporter

Instead of indulging in a vacation in the sun over spring break, many Baylor students went on mission trips all over the globe.

Dallas sophomore Delaney Shiu said the mission trip she took to Guatemala with American Medical Association made her feel like she had made a real difference.

“It was just so amazing to see what all these people do,” Shiu said.

Shiu said she met a woman who carried her 8-year-old quadriplegic daughter everywhere with her on her back. The woman waited for hours in a line at the triage center Shiu worked at and would have been allowed to cut to the front of the line due to urgency. But Shiu said the mother had a valid reason for not doing so.

“She was like, that’s not what Jesus would have done,” Shiu said. “Jesus would have waited his turn and he would have waited patiently, even if he was in need.

Jimmy Dorrell, executive director for Mission Waco, said mission work for students can be so impactful when there is an opportunity to travel and engage in change.

“I think there is a built in arrogance about those of us that have grown up in wealth, and wealth in the most general sense,” Dorrell said. “Most of us at Baylor have had privilege all our lives and I think there is a humility and a waking up time when we see how blessed we really are.”