Baylor senior embraces passion for past, creates typewriter exhibit

By Jenna Welch | Broadcast Reporter

Dallas senior Gillian Colvin is a professional writing major who spent months planning a typewriter exhibit in Carroll Science Hall Foyer, which was put on display last week. With inspiration and guidance from her professors, Colvin said she was able to create her very own showcase on Baylor’s campus for everyone to see.

“This was the greatest thing I could come up with –– displaying my own typewriters in my own exhibition that I designed myself, created myself,” Colvin said. “I’m able to write for it but also do museum work.”

Colvin said she not only loves to write, but also enjoys museum art and felt her passions were well manifested in a typewriter.

“You use it to type, to tell a story, but it’s also an artifact,” Colvin said. “It’s something old, it’s something that needs to be preserved and so it really just paired those two interests for me.”

Colvin said her love for museum work and preserving artifacts began at a young age. She said she liked the movie “National Treasure” as a kid and knew she wanted to orientate her future career around treasures. Although Colvin knew she couldn’t go to college for treasure hunting, she said she found a happy alternative.

“I feel like that’s a lot more rewarding as a college student and even as an adult in the post college world is using treasures that you might find or antique objects and preserving them and showing them to people that will also learn and love to appreciate them as you do,” Colvin said.

Colvin’s typewriter exhibit ends on Wednesday, and those interested in seeing before it’s gone can visit Carroll Science Hall Foyer.