Report: NCAA sends citation to Baylor

Former Baylor football head coach Art Briles looks on during a game at McLane Stadium. Briles was named in the NCAA's notice of allegations given to Baylor last month. Lariat File Photo

By Noah Torr | Broadcast Reporter

The NCAA finished its investigation into the sexual assault scandal at Baylor and has formally sent a notice of allegations to the university, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Monday.

The allegations include a “lack of institutional control” on the university’s part and “failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance” on former head coach Art Briles’ part.

A lawsuit filed in 2017 claimed Baylor football players committed at least 52 acts of sexual assault between 2011 and 2014.

Baylor has taken steps to resolve the issue, such as firing Briles. The university also hired the law firm Pepper Hamilton to investigate the situation. On Nov. 3, 2017, an external review found that Baylor had effectively implemented the firm’s 105 recommendations.

The NCAA, which sent the notice last month, has given Baylor 90 days to respond to the notice. Once they receive a response, the NCAA then has 60 days to decide on a possible punishment.

Neither Baylor nor the NCAA has made an official comment on the situation.

Current Baylor head football coach Matt Rhule defended his program on Wednesday.

“The program is headed in the right direction,” Rhule said. “I hope that whenever the Big 12 or accreditation agencies come in, they see that anything that’s going on is from before.”

A decision can be expected on Baylor football’s future around spring of 2019.